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Surgery again / updated

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Damn... Husband had CT on monday and on first feedback from the radiologist all looked clear... liver, lung, bones... all fine... but there was a indifferent strukture somewhere (and I cannot remember if she said omentum or peritoneum or some other stuff inside) but she said it did not look suspect so I stopped thinking and hearing. 

But today we met with his Onc and he wants that something cut out and so husband will have to have surgery again. We will know more Datails next monday after the tumorboard hat its meeting...

Now I am a wreck and all the emotions and panic from 20 months ago is back.... (then stage 4 with mets to liver)



Update:  Got a copy of the CT report. Try to translate in english...
"...behind the colon transversum is an round area (28 mm x 19 mm) of thickened mesenterial fat tissue which demands further examination" (it was only 8 mm at the last CT 9 months before)


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I'm sorry Petra. Hoping for an easy surgery and positive outcome. Hang in there.

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I'm sorry about the surgery,I hope he can bounce back quickly.

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I'm really sorry that he has to go through surgery again.  Is there any chance they can do a PET to get more info first?  At any rate, I hope they can do this laparascopically (or however you spell that, really wish CSN had spell-check), rather than having to do an open surgery.  

Keep us posted on how things go.

Hugs to you both~AA

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you ((((HUGS)))

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Sorry this is happening.  I completely understand how you're feeling.  Maybe it's a good thing that they are going in and will get a good look.  Try and stay positive.  I know what a disappointment this must be to you both.



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keeping my fingers crossed for you that it turns out to be nothing.  But if it's something, I'm glad that they are on top of it and can get it taken care of.

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Hoping it is a benign finding.  The stress of anticipatory worry plus needing more surgery - not good.  Know that I'll be thinking of you and your husband, hoping for the best.


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