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Surgery date scheduled

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Met with urologist at Moffitt Cancer Center Tuesday. He reviewed results of MRI: right kidney has 2.5 centimeter soft tissue mass. Left kidey looks fine. He plans to do the procedure robotically. He was not in the best of moods, probably because he was scheduled to see 41 patients that day. I have confidence that he will do a good job, however. He outlined all the things that could go wrong. It provokes a bit of anxiety, but that is normal. Surgery is tentatively set for October 16. There will be a hernia surgeon standing by to do a small hernia repair if all goes well with the partial nephrectomy. I live alone since my wife died in June. My son, who lives out of state, plans to spend the first week with me. Looking for advice on what I might need in terms of in-home help and for how long.

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The surgery will not be fun. It will keep you in bed/ on the couch for a a week or two. You should be back to normal except for heavy stuff in 4 to 6 weeks. Everybody''s recovery is a little different. At 2.5 cm. your prognosis is excellent. If you have yur son there for the first week you should not need in home health care. Others may differ.Give it a few years and you will be able to laugh about the surgery.



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My tumor was 2.6 before they biopsied it. At the time of my surgery it was much smaller. I had a partial done robotic too. The first week is the roughest. By week two it gets a little easier pain wise. I don't do well with pain so it took me a little longer like a few weeks for pain to subside. It took me a long time for my energy to come back but everyone heals differently. It's good that your son will be there the first week. Just get allot of rest and don't over do it. Listen to your body it will let you know if your doing to much. I wish you a safe surgery and a fast recovery. Take care.

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Yes, for me, in the second week I was able to move a bit.. just very slow.. and no bending or any kind of extra physical exertion, except walking.  Walking is good.. just don't over do it.  But as we all are different you may be well ahead of me at one week, or behind..  Perhaps you should make sure you have plenty of water to drink and plenty of food at hand.  It took me about an hour plus to shop for foods that had little or no salt or other bad things in it..  All canned goods will have a lot of salt.  So maybe make some home made soup and put some in the freezer.  Not sure where you are, but some grocery stores will deliver, so you can get fresh fruits and veggies.


Mayriv, nice to see you back posting..!  Hope all is good on your end...


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Dr. Wade Sexton ?

You're in very good hands, my friend. He consulted on my case, but was not the surgeon. Which was mostly due to logistics of getting to and from Tampa.

Wishing you the very best outcome, God Bless you and your family.


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I'm a day ahead of you :).  Open Partial Neph on Oct 15th.  I'm planning on at least 3 nights in the hospital, maybe 4. I've arranged for my family and friends to tend to me and help with my son for a full month after. Home nursing will be available the first week out of the hospital for dressing changes.

I'm thinking it's better to overprepare than be not ready and needing help at the last minute.  I do  not handle surgial pain well, and have requested an epidural during my surgery. 

It's amazing how people will pitch in if you ask on FB :p.  I had several volunteers for keeping me company overnights at the hospital too. Everyone needs an advocate especially that first night when you're out of it.

Good luck to you.  Please report back after what the robotic was like.  I wish I had that option, but only Open can be done in my case.

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Tell your co-workers, friends, workout buddies, etc.  Ask them to come in to: bring a ready-to re-heat meal, clean up the kitchen, clean and tidy the bathroom, change the sheets, do a load of laundry or two, drive you to the park/pick up sub sandwiches on the way/and just visit.

My condolences on your spouse passing.  I'm glad you have an adult child who will be there for a while.

No one has ever said initiation into this very exclusive club is easy; and the dues are pretty high.

Physical assists that can make your life easier include a recliner chair, which you may choose to sleep in the first few nights; a stool to have in the shower because it feels soooooo good just to sit and let the water run over you; healthy food snacks that are easy to open and eat, such as fruit, yogurt, muscle milk or similar high energy/protein drinks, granola bars, etc.  You may get hungry but not at your regular meal time; and will probably want several smaller meals during the day. Drink plenty of water.

Once you get thru the surgery, we'll expect to hear from you with the questions about: How long does the incision take to heal?  Will the itching go away? I feel down in the dumps...is that normal?  Any of us who've been here a while can offer advice, or a good joke such as "Friday Funnies."

Best Wishes as you get ready for the big day.



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I've marked your surgery date so I can send positive thoughts your way.  Good luck.

Connie, from the uterine board

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Thanks for all the feedback. It's much appreciated. Connie, hope you are doing well.



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Kathy G.
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Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. word is out on the uterine board so I wanted to check out how you were doing!

Thoughts and prayers all goes well!

Kathy G.

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