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Pregnant after temodar?

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Just wondering if any females on this board have experience with getting pregnant after temodar?
I am 26 years old (single) and am going to be starting chemo + radiation in 2-3 weeks. Initially I was told just radiation so I saw a fertility specialist but there was nothing to do now. Now they have changed their minds and added the temodar and I'm wondering if I should have my eggs frozen. My two biggest concerns are time - because they want to start treatment soon (it's already been 4 weeks since my surgery) and money, I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on fertility treatments at the moment. 


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I am so sorry you are going through such a horrifying experience. 

To answer your question, i remember reading that Temodar is a lot worst on male sperm than on female eggs. I know personally one young woman who had Temodar and when on to have two beautiful boys, all naturally.

That said, I am not a fertility specialist. I would call and see your original doctor. If the recommendation is to freeze your eggs, there are pro-bono programs and some of it is covered by insurance, because in your case it would be a medical necessity.

For my sister, we elected not to have her freeze her eggs. We were very eager to start her treatment as soon as possible, and kill the f--^*&^&%$^ tumor. She was not sure she wanted children to begin with. Now that we are two years out and she is doing super well, I think that if she wanted to start a family I would be 100% behind her. She probably would need more ultrasounds and monitoring. 

The big no-no is to take Temodar while pregnant. Also you cannot be pregnant if you elect to do any additional treatments such as clinical trials.

I hope this answers a bit your question. 


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No one has actually recommended that I freeze my eggs at this time.

I'm in between doctors at the moment unfortunately. When I saw my oncologist last week his thoughts were no chemo for now, but then after the fact he got to talking with all the ofther doctors and realized that I do need chemo now. Because I have no family in the state I live in I am moving back home with my parents and now have to transfer my care to a new set of doctors, who I will see Wednesday. I will get more information from them but we are nearing 5 weeks from my surgery and I don't want to delay starting treatment any longer at this point.

The fertility specialist I spoke with suggested an injection that can "protect" the ovaries during treatment by essentially putting you into a temporary menopause. I'm willing to do it if I have to but it doesn't sound pleasant so it's good to hear stories of women who were able to have babies after being on temodar.

And no worries, there is no way I'm getting pregnant any time soon, temodar or not Laughing but I'd like to keep the option open.

Thanks for the reply!

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