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Live Strong

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Will be starting a new program at our YMCA on the 23rd, it's called Live Strong and it's the pilot program. All the members will be cancer survivors, will be workouts designed for each individual , programs with medical speakers,etc. I'm excited, think it will be fun and educational,plus with Win starting kindergarden, I need to get out among some adults ( at least that's what everyone tells me, personally, I prefer kids over adults any day Wink

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We don't have a Y in this town, but you've got me wondering if there isn't something like that around here. 


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jim and i
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I agree about children over adults and the program sounds interesting. Keep us updated on how it goes.

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good 4 u!  sounds like a lot of fun.  you'll have2 tell us all about it.  we don't have anything like that at r Y, maybe f if does well in ur area, they will extend it to all areas.  we can hope.  enjoy!!


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I prefer dogs over most people.....ARF..   Some of my best friends are dogs...


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I work at an aquatics and fitness facility (not the Y) and I'm going to suggest this to them!!  We have nurses and trainers on staff who could easily do this :)

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This sounds like a terrific program !  I start a form of PT at my near by clinic next week.  I stomped my feet a little on this one with my doctor.  I was so active before my dx and surgeries, and feel that 2 x's a week with a strenghth training program would do the trick.  (maybe not, but I want to try)  My arms and legs need it badly !  Good luck, have fun, and let us know how it goes.  Hugs sent !  Katie 

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That sounds like a great program; I joined a CrossFit Box earlier this year...working out , even though it's a killer somedays makes me feel normal if that makes sense.

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