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Need Help with answers!

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Hi. I am new on here. I went for a routine physical 3 weeks ago, at that time my doc realized my thyroid was enlarged. Also because I just turned 40 he sent me for a mammogram...... The results,

I have 2, 5.5 cm nodules on my thyroid along with smaller ones on my lymph nodes.

The next day I get a call from hospital and also have nodule on my left breast.

I go on Sept. 5th to Ear Nose and Throat doctor about thyroid and go tomorrow for diagnostic mammogram and ultra sound.

I am very nervous!! Could this all be cancer and could it all be related??

Any answers will be appreciated!!

Thank You!!


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It sounds like a lot happening all at once.  To say dont worry is just a no go.  Of coursrse we worry.  Glad your appointments are sooner rather than later.  So lets get that mamo done and get results of that first which will be soon looking at your dates.  The ultra sound is more thorough than mamo and an MRI is the most accurate of all.  If you have any doubts at all with results and want to be certain especially if they say all looks well. Ask for MRI.  If something definitely is going on, then, one thing at a time.  We can help you there.  With breast cancer it isn't surgeries that are the problem, more the after treatments ie chemo and radiation.  All doable honestly.  So please tell us you're first results, fingers crossed, chin up.  Good luck.

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Thank you so much! I will update tomorrow after my tests.

New Flower
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HHello good luck with your tests and appointments 

not all enlarged modulas are cancer however they need to be checked. It is good that you have scheduled you follow ups . You will be all right. Everything is treatable.


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I am not sure what they used to detect and measure your nodules. with I had a very bad cold and my thyroid and everything in my neck was swollen. So I hope it is something small and not anything to worry about. I will pray for you. Ihope everything goes ok for you.

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