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R-CVP versus Bendamustine-Rituxan

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Which one is the "best"

I was given a choice. 

Now I am hesitant

Care to share your experiecnce.

Many blessings to you


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A person would need a whole lot more information than you provide here to address this question. Plus, everyone here is a layperson.  I think you are best advised to discuss the pros and cons of both treatments with your doctors.   I would be very surprised if they did not go over the technical aspects of this with you prior to asking you to choose.  Deciding on one therapy verses another is more technical than throwing darts.


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I was given a list of pros and cons by my doctor.... now the choice is up to me :>)
















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Hi Ingi,

     That seems very strange to me that the doctor would leave this serious of a matter up to you.  Maybe you should get a second opinion.  My husband was given Bendamustine for Mantle Cell Lymph but I am in no way suggesting which one to take.  Don't you think an oncologist would be the most educated in all the pros and cons rather than the patient?!  Just a little weird. I sure hope you get some better counsel about this so you feel reassured about the treatment.  Let us know, we'll be thinking of you.  Becky

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I am also being given a choice of treatment. We have gone over the options, pros and cons and now they want me to choose.. I am more confused and don't know what to do 

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My doc also gave me a choice but it was more of "I like bendamustine/rituxan but if you want to go more aggressive right away?" I chose the bendamustine route because it seems less toxic and better results so far (never know, thats the hard part.) I get my first scan on Tuesday, so we'll see.... Hope that helps. I think they are giving a choice now because this is a relatively "new" treatment.

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If a doctor gave me a choice, I might be confused, and seek one or even two more opinions.  But then I do not really know your situation.


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What type of lymphoma do you have? Since I had a low tumor burden I went with Rituxan Only. My second opinion said she would have recommended R-CHOP. My reasoning was that based on what I am told I will get a taste of them all. 

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Hi, my mom had follicular grade 3A. She chose B-R. She was in her late 60s. She tolerated it very well. After 2 cycles she was clean. She got 2 more then rituxen only every 3 months. She was to have 8 cycles of rituxen but due to a back surgery she stopped. She didn't get the last two. About 8 months after stopping all her lymphoma returned as diffused large B cell. Now we are facing a whole other battle. Good luck to you. Sending you warm thoughts and a full remission with whichever one you choose. 

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Any more news regarding your Mom?

Lots of luv..

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Thanks, dear. Still a mystery. Tuesday an endoscopy to check for stomach cancer. If that's negative they will start chemo on what's called CUP and it's basically peritoneal cancer of unknown origin which means they cant figure out where the adenocarcinoma cells are leaking from. That regimen will also try to do a little something for her current lymphoma. It's been tough...

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