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It's Cyberknife for me.  I have another appointment on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd.  Hopefully schedule simulation soon, yes another mask!  When it is finally going to happen, it will be 5 days, probably 1 hour per treatment.  Will keep you posted.

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best of luck.  Good plan.



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I am delighted they have a plan for you....another 5 day rad treatment plan (thinking that hwt's is 5 days, also).....these are some real space age machines.....

Hang in there, girl....we'll be cheer leading from the sidelines!!


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I told my urology onc that if the time comes to treat my prostate cancer I would go for cyberknife, his response, no you won't, too powerful radiation doses, can really cause damage and side effects. He did clarify that at my age and the area to be radiated, cyberknife would cause too much nerve damage and bowel damage, I think it's a body area thing, Pat will know better than I. Denis

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I believe  this is the only thing available to me now.  I already lost an eye to the optic nerve damage and we knew it did not have clear margins.  The cancer is now on the nerves on my cheek, causing a tremendous amount of pain.  Cyberknife is more pinpointed radiation--whatever I need to get the 'c.'

Eddie J
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Cyberknife is the best treatment for prostrate cancer  georgetown university in wash dc has 5  machines busy non stop doing prostrate treatment . Check out their web site .

also is used as a last resort for head and neck cancer salvage therapy if the first round of rads fail

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kt, don't know what cyberknife is but i'm happy you have a plan now.  1 hour seems like a long time for tx. but i'm sure u can do it.  what is simulation?  i will keep you in my prayers.  let us know how u do.


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When your mask gets fitted and an MRI, that's a simulation.

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thank you!


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Cyberknife sounds good to me.

Good luck,


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I've heard nothing but praise for the cyberknife procedure.  It is an exact science, and many have had great results.  Sending nothing but positives and prayers your direction !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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that there is a plan in place!  I've been praying extra hard for all of y'all CSN warriors lately.  ((HUGS))

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on you KT, you've been through so much, hope and pray this is IT for you


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As bad as it was that I had to have surgery and treatment, I thought it was pretty cool that I was going to be operated on by a robot! In the same train of thought, the reasons are not pleasent but the fact that you're undergoing a relatively new and revolutionary type of treatment is pretty cool. It's real life science fiction. 

Positive thoughts and prayers that it's effective and you come out on the other side clear and clean!


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jim and i
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Praying this gets the beast this time with little side effect.


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I just posted about my experience. My MRI w/mask was the hardest, perhaps because I was not prepared. If I can offer a suggestion, ask about taking xanax or lorazapam before hand. I didn't think I would have a problem but ended with an anxiety attack. Fortunately, not til simulation was done. My mask was heavier, tighter and they didn't want eye holes or mouth cut outs to risk weakening the mask because, in my case, there was only 1mm they could be off due to the carotid. OK, with the scary part having been said, the actual tx was not bad at all. I had a 4" biopsy needle stuck in my cheek to carotid cavity on morning of simulation so perhaps my face was swollen when mask was made. It was not as tight thru tx. My tx was Mon-Fri. I got a bit tired Thursday but think that was due to the Ativan. I didn't feel the need for relaxer on Friday. We managed to go to movies, shop, eat out and sightsee. Very slight scratchy throat and some dry mouth that Magic Mouthwash helped after tx finished. I'm only home 24 hours but they say side effects should be minimal. To be honest, the actual tx was so easy that I felt a bit guilty ringing the bell and knowing others in the waiting room were there for the 7 weeks. Stay strong, my friend, you can do this! 


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Thank you so much for the info.  I never had cut outs in my previous masks so hopefully it won't be that different.  My only problem last time was the horrible pain I was having after the surgery, got headache laying down on that hard, flat surface.  Glad to know about lack of side effects, I will be staying at my sisters, would like to be able to visit.

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You are on my mind and in my prayers. If your tx goes like mine, I'm certain you will feel up to visiting with your sister. Sisters are truly a blessing from above Smile

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Glad to hear you gotta plan!!  Sending positive thoughts and mojo your way!


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Had three, 1.5 hour treatments on my left lung. Got a little fatigued a few weeks after that but the staff was amazing. Had two follow ups since, and NED! I have 6 month appt. Sept. 17. Good luck! Praying for you!


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I am very hopeful.

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post ! Thoughts and prayers for another NED on the 17th ! Thanks for posting your amazing story !


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