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ct scan revealed 2.5cm met in liver. what to expect now?

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My mom was diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer in May 2013, had a surgery shortly after (full resection of the colon), and started chemo. She just completed her 6th chemo session and had the first CT scan. The scan revealed a growth of about 2.5cm in her liver, exactly in the area that bordered the colon wall. I just don't know what to feel, what to expect. I would also like to share some positive concrete stories with my mom. If anyone has had a similar experience, please share. I'm just worried that the chemo medication that she has had until now has not worked. Does this mean her chemo drugs will be changed? When one chemo drug doesn't work, does that mean that others also have less chances of working? Big warm hug to all of you, fighting folk.

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The good news is it is just one spot. They might want to follow up with a PET scan to be sure.  Has anyone talked to you about liver resection. If not you should be looking for a qualified surgeon to get his opinion.

I was diagnosed nearly 8 years ago stage IV with one liver met. I have now had the liver resections and have been NED for nearly two years now.

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Janderson1964, it's great to hear that you're NED! I will share your message of "god, family, self education and empowerment, nutrition, exercise" with my mom. We will do some follow-up tests and consult her oncologist next week. So hopefully, by then we'll know about the possibility of liver resection and/or the new chemo regime. Thanks and Stay in Touch!

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As said above is a good thing.  If this chemo quit working they'll just out her on a different one IF they think they have to shrink it first before resection, and if they don't then they'll probably do the resection and cut the little bugger out, best way to get rid of cancer, cutting it out.  Let us know what the plan is after you talk to the onc.

Best wishes for your mother.

Winter Marie

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Dear Marie,


Thanks for the kind words! Mom is undergoing a biopsy today. I am a bit confused about all these different tests: ct, biopsy, pet, mri. For example, it seems ct scan can actually miss tumors (am worried now that maybe it's not just one spot, maybe the scan missed others, brrrr). From what I understand, biopsy means sampling a tissue and examining it. But examining whether it's cancerous? What else can it be, if not cancer? Or is biopsy used to determine the particular type of the cancer? Should we request for other tests, in case the ct scan missed some spots? Hugs

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I'm no expert, but from what I understand, they want to biopsy it to make sure that it's from the original cancer, not a "new" liver cancer. Colon cancer and liver cancer are different cancer, if the tumor on the liver is from the colon, it's still considered colon cancer and gets treated with chemo for colon cancer. If it's a new liver cancer, it gets treated as liver cancer. That's what I understood when they told me they were going to do a liver biopsy next week on my brother.


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