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Ugh...  Well I accompainied my wife to her 8th treatment for FolFox this morning.  We got settled in and things weren't moving along as "normal."  The doc comes in and says they are going to delay the treatment for one week.  Her platelets have kind of nose dived on us.  Not too terribly low that bleeding will be a problem.  But, the docs would like to see if they will rebound in a week.  Then press on.  I know this is no "crisis" and worse things can happen.  But, we were hoping to get through all twelve treatments without any interuption.  Doc said this wouldn't have any negative impact on the overall scheme of treatement or affect it in anyway.  Thanks for "listening."



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...we have to be patient and flexible. One thing that amazes me about our desease and the treatments we receive how different variety of our symptoms are and the different way we react to treatments as far as side effects and results.

I wish you patients and the best of luck.


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Try to think of it as a little break...it'll probably do her good!

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I can relate to the disappointment you feel.  Try to make the most of by taking advantage of the break and doing something special.



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I was delayed between #6 and #7 for platelets.  I tried to google how to grow more platelets........ oh boy. 

What works is time.  I was delayed 1 week and the platelets were fantastic. 

Make sure she rests, and tries to take a break.

I am 1 year from my 12th treatment disconnect and NED year 2 this Jan.  I was colon cancer stage 3b / signet cell.

Things do get better, trust me I know!

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Its so frustrating to have these set backs. 

I know that I had it on my calendar when I was to finish treatment, but sadly I had at least three set backs. First my WBC was low, then my platelets followed by my RBC. That was three weeks which is allot when you're eager to get things over with.

My platelets recovered eough over the one week to get on with treatment, so here's hoping that your wife will to. 

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My platelets have taken a nose dive more than once and we've delayed treatment.  Round 8 seems about the "right" time.  Only way to get the platelets back up is time.  It's hard because you want to get through it, but a week off can also be a blessing.  Gives you a chance to go do something fun.  BTW, don't worry about venting here, we've all been there and know what youre going through.  Best of luck to your wife.  Now go have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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I think almost all of us had had those delays, and worried.  But the chemo works up to 5 weeks so don't worry too much :)!  We've felt the same disappointment and probably posted about it a time or two, so don't feel alone in posting your feelings about it.  Just know it won't hurt a thing and she has done so well going through eleven without stopping, that's quite a milestone.

Enjoy the time off of the chemo together.

Winter Marie

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I had a problem with low platelets after my 4th round of FOLFIRINOX, which caused my oncologist to postpone my 5th round for one week.  My naturopath had suggested that I take one tablespoon of organic cold-pressed sesame oil twice per day, one in the AM and one in the PM.  After some research, I decided to also try papaya/paw paw leaf extract which is supposed to also have anti-cancer properties and boost the immune system.  I found the sesame oil at Whole Foods (Napa Valley Naturals brand) and ordered the papaya/paw paw leaf extract from 1-stop-health-shop on Amazon (Rochway brand, 60 caps/500 mg, the cheapest I found at $38.95 plus free shipping).  When my blood was checked the next week, my platelets were within the normal range, and I was able to continue for another five rounds with no interruptions (I didn't complete all twelve because after the ninth round it was discovered that I had been misdiagnosed for 2.5 years, ARGH!!!).  I know it sounds gross to swallow a tablespoon of oil, but it wasn't too bad.  I would hold my breath while taking it then chase it down with water.  Hope this helps!



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For the support folks. I know a delay for my wife is kinda small potatoes compared what others are dealin with at this time.  Hopefully her platelets bounce back and we can get back on schedule an move on.  Thanks again. 

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It is the rare patient who goes through their 12 cycles of chemo on schedule.  We've all experienced delays.  I know it is nice to plan for an end date, but you need to understand it may be a few weeks later than planned.  Make your post-chemo vacation plans for at least 8 weeks after the last anticipated chemo.

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My brother had to stop a couple of times due to complications with a blood clot behind the port. He had fever and had to be hospitalized, then put on blood thinners. Hopefully the platelets will rise and she'll get back on schedule. The waiting is terrible on both the family and the patient. We want everything to hurry up and be finished so we can get our old lives back. Just be there for her and try to be patient. :)

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I'm currently experiencing the same thing. This time around I'm on my 6th dose of folfox.   Last week my red blood cell count will be too low, so we wait a week. This week my red blood cells are fine, however my white blood cell count is down, I now need to wait another week.  Fortunately for me it's labor day weekend and i'm going to party a little.  My Onc attributes this to the amount of chemo I've done in the past. I understand this is pretty common, I wouldn't worry too much...


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