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Hi Ladies.


I had ct scans yesterday.  Disease remains stable.  I've had 8 rounds of Doxil.  He said we will continue on this same treatment schedule and scan again after 3 or 4 more treatments.  So thankful.


Hope all of you have a great day and upcoming holiday weekend!!



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I too am on Doxil.  Started monthly treatments in January.  Had issues with some rare side effects early but managing pretty well now.  SO glad to have something that we can take to keep things in check while still allowing us to go about our daily lives fairly unfettered! 

I do have a question though - when you say "stable" is that primarily your tumor marker?  Where is it?   

Stay strong!


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So glad that the Doxil treatment plan is working well for you and 123Miley!  Wishing you both continued good results!


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Hi Miley,


The CA-125 is not an adequate marker for me.  He bases it upon my scans. He said he has more confidence in a scan than the blood test anyway.   I have 5 or 6 lymph nodes (in abdomen, chest and pelvic area) in which I recurred last year.  Most remained unchaged since previous scans.  One near my chest area slightly decreased in size, one in my abdoment slightly increased in size.  My dr. is was  pleased.



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Thrilled for you!  

Julie x

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This is so good to hear!  Sending continued (((HUGS))) and Prayers!



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Have a great Labor day week-end!

Hugs,    - Alexandra

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Terrific news to hear with morning java!

                                                    ((((HUGS))))   Maria

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Keep up the good news..love it....stay strong...Val 

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Great news, thanks for sharing I just started doxil and need some encouragement as the last two chemos have not worked for me. Keep the good news coming it can be contagious !


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