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PET/CT scan!

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My Rad Onc today took pity on me with all  I'm going through and finally agreed to a Pet scan, with Thryogen stimulation to look for any metabolic activity pertaining to my thyroid cancer, and look closer at my kidney tumor.  I started to cry with relief when she mentioned it.  It's been a struggle to get them to do the standard testing, and now having 2 primaries, she thinks it's wise to know what we're dealing with.


Thyrogen must be injected 2 days in a row prior to the PET.  It is incredibly painful with the shots going into the hip joints, not to mention expensive.  Each injection is $3000, and I need 2.  The order has been sent, but it's roughly a 2-3 month wait until the scan.


Can anyone share their experience on having one?  Do the Nuc Med doctors show you the images?

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Hey girl, I just popped over from the BC board to tell you how happy I am you're finally getting your PET scan without having to perform any fraudulent address changes! :) Unfortunately I can't offer any advice because I didn't have the same type of PET scan, I just had to drink a really big glass of barium before mine. Keep me updated!


<3 Kat 

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Thanks Kat!  I have to have the Thyrogen stimulated so that the thyroid cells are more likely to illuminate.


On a kidney note:  Open Partial Nephrectomy scheduled for Oct 15th.  Laprascopic is off the table due to the tumor's location and my mutant arteries.  He's going to see once he gets in there if they can possibly attempt it, but it doesn't look good. Possibility of a radical too.  I had to sign consent for them all.


I'm relieved we have a plan now.

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Take care of yourself and will be saying prayers that your mutant arteries cooperate and allow the laparoscopic.

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