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Head and Neck Clear but several places in lung.

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Well after full Ct  and Pet , cancer has grown in four areas in the lung. My husband has decided instead of going through a killer round of cocktail chemo, he will opt for surgery first. Our fear is that as sporadic as this cancer has been that it will travel to some other location after this surgery.  Wish we could stop this cancer tostop jumping from one area to another. It is frightening! Hard to know which direction to go in! Still haven't had anyone post about recurrence from head/neck to lung.


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I'll be holding good thoughts for you both.

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I don't know about surgeries for metastic dx's.  I hope maybe longterm survivor or other's will pop in here.  I had a lung re-sect done for dx'ing.  My uptake after this being done is I only have a small portion of lung capacity left.  We have different dx's.....but lung tissue is lung tissue.  Please explore the least invasive avenue with tx's.....and make them explain everything.  My thoughts and prayers are with you both through this.  Katie

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Sorry to hear that news....

I think there's a lot to consider on your H&N to lungs thoughts...

Time frames, being one...

What factors make it a recurrence, a new cancer, or even mets from the original cancer site?

Unfortunately it's probably not going to change the course of treatment.

So I can offer to fight in whatever manner it takes to kill it, and hopefully once and for good.


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I'm not certain from your post if surgery has actually been offered by the treatment team as an alternative to chemo in his situation, or if you are just speculating as to what your preferences are.  In general there is very little to be gained from operating on multiple metastasis within the lungs.  The surgery tends to be impossible, because multiple areas in the lung are involved, and too much would need removed to be reasonable.  Also, as you have indicated, other  areas are very likely already involved, just too small to yet be seen.  So any gain from instant surgery tends to be short-lived.  Others on this board have, or have had, pulmoary mets.  For multiple mets, chemotherapy tends to be the treatment of choice.   If you haven't done it already, you two need a frank discussion of risks/benefits to your options before pursuing any give course of action.  And a second opinion wouldn't hurt either.  I wish there were great things we could say in these circumstances.  But your situation is very difficult.


best to you


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jim and i
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Sorry Laura, I thought I shared Jim's experience with you. It was discovered that Jim had several nodules in his right lung on his 6 months PET. The oncologist said to wait 3 more months to rescan. We were concerned about waiting but ENT and RAD both agreed it was best to wait that not much could happen in 3 months. 3 months later, multiple nodes in both lungs. Suggested biopsy on largest in right lung which came back positive for cancer but inconclusive as to matastic or new but options the same. Jim is not able to do more chemo as the first two infusions damaged his kidneys. The only option was Erbitox or trials. Jim had several infusions of this when chemo was stopped. Jim asked oncologist, "If I was your brother what would you tell him?" Docs response was enjoy quality over quantity. When we moved back to our home town of Daytona Beach we changed oncologist. He recommended Erbitox but Jim chose quality of life over quantity. The oncologist gave him less than a year. One year later the oncologist wanted another CT to see why Jim had no symptoms of lung cancer. It came back that the cancer still there and the largest node had grown but very little. The oncologist said he wished he could take the credit for this but whatever Jim was doing, keep doing it and he could wait until 6 months for check up. What has Jim been doing to keep this at bay? Praying, lots of people praying and he drinks 3 servings of BarleyMax by Halleluia Acres each day. It hasn't cured the cancer but it sure has slowed it down. Who is to say God will not cure this cancer? I still believe in miracles.

I say all this to let you know that what ever you chose to do, add prayer; it works!

Praying for a miracle for you as well.  Debbie

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The unknown can be difficult for decision making.  I hope your team comes up with a good plan to help your situation.

Only good thoughts,


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Laura, I was DX with mets to my lungs and this was about 1 year ago exactly. I did have my R lung partial taken out , but the tumors on the left grew an few more gre on thr remaing part of my right lung.

Chemo was a ling shot but i tried it (wish I hadnt) it made me very very sick and threw me into raditaion recall (i felt  like i was going through radiation again) 

so now i'm eating healthy and taking lots of supplemments.  i hoping for a clinial trial 

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