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Back to work next week

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Rob goes back to work next Tuesday. Woo Hoo. 

He will going back into the office for a while until more strength comes back. Not ready for his gravel train yet. Heck since he has been gone, they have all called and checked on him at least once a week but failed to mention the huge changes. 

He is not thrilled with the office but most trucks are on dedicated runs so he will only have to dispatch about 2-3 trucks a day. I told him watch movies on the computer. Get paid to do much of nothing because soon he will back on salt hauls of 14 hours a day.

Eating like a horse and getting a little weight on him. Althoug he feels so skinny to me. 

He was finally able to cut the whole yard in one day. Over 5 miles of walking. Not napping much at all, although who doesn't enjoy a good nap.

The drugs are going away. Only takes a minimal amount at bedtime.  we are weaning very slow on that because of dt's but slow is working.

Hoping everyone one else is doing well and continues to heal and live great lives.


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way to go rob!!


so glad to hear good news.

hope he keeps improving and life gets great for you all!!


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Glad to hear things are going so well! 

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I remember going back to work after I finished treatments, and how much of an accomplishment it was to me.  I was nervous....and tired, but still....I knew most people didn't think I would be coming back.  I was a dispatcher for the power company.  So heck yeah...watch movies on the internet....hang on YouTube....pass the time in a easy way, before he goes back to the salt mines!!

Sounds like everything is coming together for you two....Congratulations.


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news, take it easy Rob~~you've been through a lot, you too,Sandy. I remember the day my husband went back to work, after a 4 month rhematoid arthritis flare..I had to contain myself from pushing him out the door Surprised

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Glad to hear this! Just be sure to take it easy and slow. Stamina will be an issue for a while.


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Glad the road to recovery has gotten shorter and he is doing so well. Getting back to work and getting some of that normal part of your lives back will be a great feeling. Life is never exactly the same after this....but we can get it as close as we can!

Take care and keep us posted.


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I'm back to work too, and I can't believe how tired I am by 4pm!!!  I still sneak in a nap when I can :)  Great to hear that he is doing so well!!  

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I went right back to work about 3 weeks after my last treatment and " took it easy" for about 2 months. For me it was very hard to get back on schedule. Fatigue would linger around for months- I still have to fight it off and make sure I am we'll rested every day- I need about 8-10 hours of sleep to stay strong. But I am finally able to sleep without sleeping pills for the most part. Good luck on your new beginning

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CONGRATS!!  that's awesome news.  i'm so glad rob is do'n so well.  hooray on the eating too!  great job on the yard as well.  sounds like there isn't anything he can't do!  keep up the good job and let us know how ur do'n with ur work week.


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