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CT results

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So I went Monday and got my results from my GP.

He says they show a 1cm suspicious node. He says he will try to get me in sooner to the ENT, and he changed my meds because my headaches are not getting better.

He was nice enough to say "I can't say it is cancer because thats not my field, but it sure looks like it from everything we have tried." He has sent over my records to the ENT and I picked up my scan disk from the hospital today.

I keep choking everytime I try to eat or drink something, so I hope they get things lined out soon.


Oh well thats my update.

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sorry to hear the word "suspicious"!  saying a prayer that they see you soon and it turns out 2 b nothing.  be sure to let us know what the ent finds.


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Sorry to hear this :(  Although it sounds pretty ominous, you know the mantra....  Keep your chin up and keep us informed.

Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way



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Until you get a firm diagnosis via biopsy then you need to put what is being written and said into the "not cancer" stack. "suspicious" is a good thing to me as it means cancer is NOT confirmed, a good thing. Also, doctors are generally very conservative and do not make predictive statements or state opinion on something like this. As was stated he is a GP and is not an ENT so take what he said and put it on the same pile.

The ENT will order biopsies and the results from that will indicate where you stand. No need to second guess or get ahead of any of this. best to you, don

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exactly what is going on....but as Don said...."suspicious" still doesn't make it cancer until an ENT says it is....Sending positive vibes to go along with you on your appointment.


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Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear your news.  Praying that this is nothing.  Try to stay upbeat and positive.  That is kind of funny coming from a worry wart like me, but it's still good advice! 



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jim and i
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Peace and comfort to you. Just keep telling yourself, It aint cancer until they (ENT, Pathologist) say it is. I know you can't but worry in your own strength, so give it to God.


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Funny your GP would say that.  I hope you join the “it turns out to be nothing” club.

Good thoughts for you.


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