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Block center for integrative cancer treatment in skokie, Illinois

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Eskimo lily
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Hi everyone,


I was just wondering if anyone here has been to the block center in Illinois? 

My mom is 50, with stage iv cc rcc, mets to liver and lungs. Our oncologist is dr.robert motzer at mskcc, who had done lots and lots for rcc. We are very confident being in his care, but we are looking for something a bit more comprehensive, similar to what the block center has to offer.

we would like to stick with mskcc (because they've been amazing and it's only an hour from us), but are wondering if the block center somehow offers anything for people who are far? I'd be happy to go there for the first consultation, for a few days, but just wanted to know if anyone is aware of anything they provide after the initial consultation for patients who are further away?


thank you in advance for your help.

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I had never heard of the block Center. I did however spend a little time googing information about them. What they seem to offer is a holistic, lifesyle, nutritional combination  in addition  to the standard approch of chemo and medications. It certainly is no substitute for the inital RCC surgery all of us have had, but offers alternative choices to those of us starting with more baggage. I have absolutelyly no knowlede as to whether or not this is a legitimate approach and I welcone members to read up on it. Not for me though.




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I don't know anything about Block Center, but I thought I'd tell you how we are handling my husbands care, as you might be able to do something similar. We are about two hours from the Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center at UW Hospital, but have a cancer center in our city as well. We have Carbone make all decisions as far as treatment is concerned and will go back to them if and when a change is needed, but use the local clinic for blood work, ct scans, and routine check-in. We went to Carbone after diagnosis and keep them in the loop so that they are aware of what is happening. I had to make many phone calls to set this up and come up with a plan to work together, but its nice having the rcc experts making the calls. 

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Neil (Nano Second)  is the expert on this topic and will tell you all you need to know - come in Neil!

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Yes, I have had extensive experience with the Block Center and can heartily recommend it. 

First off, only one on-site visit is necessary.  Your first one. After that all the extensive blood tests that they rely on can be done locally. I do mine every 6 months at a local Lab Corp of America facility.  You do not have to visit them in person again.

Second, the Block approach is not in lieu of your "local" oncologist.  They work as an adjunct (in my case at least) to your primary oncologist.  They can offer valuable additional insight into major lifestyle issues of diet, exercise, and, most importantly, stress reduction and management.  These are the areas that your primary oncologist is likely not interested in dealing with unless they are very forward thinking.

While I appreciate that this approach is not for everyone - I would not "tar and feather" the Block folks because they advocate a "holistic" or "integrative" approach to healthcare.  They absolutely keep "traditional" or standard radiation, chemo, and targeted therapies at the forefront in their mix.  However, they just build further upon them and emphasize the role of proper nutrition and other lifestyle changes as being most effective in fighting cancer and/or keeping it in remission.  I fully agree with their approach and if you do too you might first want to read Dr. Block's book, "Life Over Cancer" before passing judgement.

Having said all that I have nonetheless gone on to do my own research into proper nutrition and cell metabolism.  And, because of that research, I now find that I do not agree with all of their nutritional recommendations or dietary choices.  Regardless, their's is a great way to get introduced to many of the basic concepts.

I provide a very detailed review of my own experiences following their regime as part of my guide to "proper" nutrition and "appropriate" supplements.


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