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Short vid of Reba and I tonight....

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just hope that is if this works....I uploaded it to YouTube. 



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She's beautiful P... how magestic and proud in the way she walks.


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I remember as a boy riding on the island, sure beats walking; now I don’t think I could mount up let alone ride. You are looking good and your new normal is almost normal again so keep up the great work in regaining your life back.


Take Care


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and so are you~~~the only time I ever rode a horse ( at a riding stable ) it took me into a river and then just stood there, when the owners sounded the call, for the horses to come back to the barn, it took off, like a bat out of hell ,and dumped me at the barn door..needless to say, I scratched that event off my bucket list, and limped off into the sunsetEmbarassed

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giggling out loud.  If ever there was a place to get a ride like that it is at a riding stable.....I had a similar ride at a stable in British Columbia when I was a kid.....my horse kept laying down tho....he'd lay down, I'd get off and he'd stand up again....wasn't much of a ride....LOL.


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She's beautiful!  You look great up there :) 

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absolutely BEAUTIFUL, BOTH of you!!!  you really do show others that there is life after cancer.  keep it up!


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She sounds a lot like helicopter, but then I don’t know much about Montana horses.

Anyway, you look great and I cannot wait for our visit.


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that WAS a helicopter.....they give rides and take off from the hay field just across the rode....ha!


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Hey, you gots no excuse to be scanxietied. Whenever you feel a bit anxious hop on the horse. That has gotta put your mind in a friendlier place. So, giddy up, cowgirl!

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Two beautiful females!  Loved watchting the video.  Thanks for posting.


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