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Dear Friends,

Reading Craig's last post made me concerned for him more than eve. I don't know what to write to him, so I turn to you all.

I believe in the power of collective human spirit and that's why I ask you all to pray, meditate for the well being of Craig and his loved ones As much as you can. 

Thank you,


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Sending strength and love to my "second" son. Grab the rope, Craig. We will pull you up.


"Mama" Wolfen

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I could not decipher all that Craig wrote but I understood enough that I know something very horrible is going on. If someone has his phone number and is comfortable in calling, maybe they could speak with his wife Kim and see if we can offer any help?

Meanwhile, I am meditating that things ease up for Craig & Kim.


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I don't need to say much more than - - love ya buddy!  ((()))


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Just read the post.  Yikes, that is concerning.  


Craig, I am thinking of you.  I feel so helpless.  Clearly you are really struggling with the chemo.  Know that so many people here love you and are extremely concerned. 



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you're friends are here for you. 

I know we all wish we could be there to surround you and your loved one with love and support. 


Cathleen Mary
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Craig, I so wish that there was something concrete would could do to help. Sounds like chemo is really taking a toll. A lot of people here care for you a lot and are rooting for you.  Prayers for strength and help.


Cathleen Mary

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We all send loving thoughts and all our prayers for you.

Please lean on us!

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I've also been concerned, however, I've not been following as closely as others but I'm praying for the best for him and hoping that he is doing well with his new treatments.  He is such a fighter and I'm confident he is only taking time away from the board to get his bearings together. 


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I hope you get better,sending prayers your way.

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Hang in there my dear man. I'm so sorry you're feeling sooo poorly. Obviously we are all extremely concerned and are feeling terribly helpless. We hurt when you hurt. Love you Big Guy!


I have found Craig's phone number if anyone would like to volunteer to call him I can pm you his number. I don't post often and I know he has spoken to several of you before Chelsea, WinterMarie, Wolfen, JBG, LivinginNH...

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Hi Craig!   We are sending you our continued thoughts and prayers for some more strength to continue this fight.  The battle is always an up and down, stay strong and keep inspiring others.


Best Always,  mike

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did Craig post more recently than his pre-chemo one a week or so ago?

The comments I'm reading here are making me feel very worried...

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I have put out the word on Facebook and also messages to someone who may have contact info. to see if can make contact about his needs.

Will let you know if anything turns up.

Marie who loves kitties

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Hoping and praying that things get better for you Craig. Take care of yourself and write when you are up to it. I am concerned but hopeful that things will be better soon.

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Each and every day and night!


Warm hugs to you, my gentleman cowboy!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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it hasnt gone well to date...

too much to chronicle...i was ready to stop treatment is how bad.

one of the things i want to talk about......is just because weve done something with success before...does not guarantee that we can do it again...that's important.

cancer has taken my words and reduced them to ashes...thats what makes me the saddest.

when i can sit down and think.....boy, are we gonna have something to talk about then.

have to get it together to finalize the article with Jessica.....layout is slick but they re-edited it even more.........they removed my adjectives and the impact is different.....MY version is still the one and we get published....so that one day my words might ring out in freedom the way I intended them too.

i can order copies for the community....they bulk ship to me for shipping charges only....the mags are free to me because I authored.

it would have to be community help project and i'd need to call in a few favors from The Sundance Army.....but we can talk about that later.

Will open post for a show of hands....if interest is there, we could pursue the project.

Best i can do today folks.....when i can post better i will.

10-days into the first cycle and I'm wobbly and punch-drunk...score round 1 to cancer:(

Thanks for all of your thoughts and well wishes!


PS Big Billy was born from the ashes of Folfiri (about rd#8)...and just one round whipped my butt this time.....its a little scary honestly.

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Seeing these comments really freaked me out.

I am just so sorry you have to go through this.  Chemo was so awful for me, with so many side effects, that it was almost a relief when it didn't work.  At least then I didn't have to do it anymore.  First time in my life I would have happily curled up in a ball and died right on the spot.  So I understand (somewhat) what you're going through.   And wish that I could lift this burden from you somehow.  Definitely sign me up for anything related to the magazine project...I want to be able to say "I knew him when..."!

Lots o' love coming your way~AA

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I am so sorry Craig. It makes my whole body shiver just thinking about what you are going through. You know I can relate totally since FOLFIRI was never kinnd to me. I gave up after 10 rounds the first time and almost gave up the second time. I swear one day some years from now people will look at what the medical industry is doing to us and think it is absolutely primative and barbaric. The same way we look at blood letting or leaches for treatment.

Please hang on. We all love you and miss you.

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I am so sorry you are having to go through this.  And I do wish we all had a way of physically helping.  I hope your oncologist is able to help you with the terrible side effects of the chemo.

Sending you hugs and hopefully a little strength too, my Friend.  Holding you warmly in the Light in the hope that your onc can figure out a way for you to better tolerate treatment and that you can gather strength, even our collective strength...sent to you through good thoughts, prayer, sparks, love itself...to continue the Fight.

Love and hugs,


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And, if you need me, tell me....


Hans is stable with his new heart, and I can grab a quick flight to you....


Let me know....


Hugs, kathi

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So sorry to hear this, hang in there buddy.  Wish I lived closer so I could help you and your wife out.  XOXO  Linda

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I hope that while the chemo is kicking your *** it's also pummeling your cancer.  My recent reoccurance has taught me that sometimes we have to feel terrible in order to feel better.  If you would have told me 12 weeks ago that I'd be back on my feet and working full-time I would have thought you were crazy. But that's where I'm today, and I hope and pray you realize a similar experience.  Hang in there my friend. Best regards...


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Hope you feel better soon.  After the rain, comes the rainbow.



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I pray for you and think Bout you every day.  Stay strong Craig!



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