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Just saying------

Rosamond M
Posts: 86
Joined: Apr 2013

To all the great members here:

I thought I'd like to express to you,

How I feel and my point of view,

And how fortunate I was to find

A Discussion Board of this kind.

There's a problem we all share

That is why we gather there

To talk and question how we can fight

This beastly disease with all our might!

Now we are a diverse lot of gals

And our cancer DX has made us pals.

I'll tell you a little of these gals

And why I regard them as my pals.

They're all special as you will see

I'm sure you will agree with me!

If on this first list you do not appear

Don't be worried you will be here

You're all too special to be missed

Just keep checking for my next list!!!

Alexandra is always on call to help us out

And "Hearty Pioneer" we couldn't do without.

"Wholfmeister" is a caring,helpful one

And lovely Colleen is "Glad to be done".

Kindly Val is "Poopergal" I did discover

And thoughtful Kelly is "Animal Lover".

             To Be Continued................(soon!)


Alexandra's picture
Posts: 1311
Joined: Jul 2012

Three loud cheers for Rosamond

The Aussie poet on Ovarian board!

wholfmeister's picture
Posts: 315
Joined: Dec 2012

You are a wonder!

123Miley's picture
Posts: 94
Joined: Jan 2013

- your talent and the meaning behind the words.

lovesanimals's picture
Posts: 1364
Joined: Sep 2011

You are a very talented poet and very special friend to us!  Thank you!


poopergirl14052's picture
Posts: 1185
Joined: Nov 2010

Thank you! Hope all is well and will be looking for the next installment.....stay strong..Val 

Hearty Pioneer's picture
Hearty Pioneer
Posts: 157
Joined: Apr 2013

Thanks for the fun poem and kind words.

You are so right, there is great support on this discussion board.

Truly a blessing to connect with each other and learn from each other.

Rosamond M
Posts: 86
Joined: Apr 2013

Thank you so much for your very kind words. There's nothing more rewarding

than giving people something to smile about.

I will continue now..............

"Azgrandma" says the Lord helps her cope

Our survivor "Leesag" gives us all hope.

Pamela B is always calm and discreet

And "Scatsm" is a lady I'd love to meet.

We love Zinaida and her smiling face

And "bosberg" is a newby to this place.





Kaleena's picture
Posts: 1761
Joined: Nov 2009


Just love it!   If there was a like button, I would be pushing it!

Although I was diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma, I was being treated as ovarian because they could not determine the origin so I do post on this site too.  

Keep up the great work!


Rosamond M
Posts: 86
Joined: Apr 2013

"Jbeans" is Joyce, she's busy and active

Our Juliebelle is gracious and attractive.

An impressive woman is "Tethys41"

"Kikz" who is Karen is our gentle one.

Kaleena, I love your optimistic view

And "Mwee"(Maria) that goes for you too!

"123 Miley is kind and never mean

Compassionate always is "CafeWoman" Colleen.

Mwee's picture
Posts: 1341
Joined: Nov 2009

You are a wonder!  (((((HUGS))))   Maria

2timothy1 7's picture
2timothy1 7
Posts: 348
Joined: Jan 2012

What a talent making this list

Adding your innovative twist

Looking for good, never bad

Warming hearts & making us glad!


Thanks for making the list!!!

Rosamond M
Posts: 86
Joined: Apr 2013

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.2timothy1 7

we should form a duo!!

Here we go again .......

Monica is "Mopar", she thinks things through

While 2timothy1 7 is a poet too.

"Mamajc" or Joan joined this year

And "Child of the Stars" is always sincere.

"Debrajo" considers all points of view

Unassuming and wise is our "Pattysoo".

debrajo's picture
Posts: 1095
Joined: Sep 2011

Thank you for alling me!  Hope I can live up to the reviews!  Love it!  Debrajo

Cafewoman53's picture
Posts: 737
Joined: Jul 2010

Thank-you ! You are so talented!


childofthestars's picture
Posts: 250
Joined: Jan 2011


Oh rosamond you are soooooo funeeeeeee (I think that's a smiley face I inserted at the top of this message or its a bondage smiley - it's quite difficult to see!!!) 

Michelle x 


zinaida's picture
Posts: 223
Joined: Oct 2007

Thank you my teal sister! It is wonderful idea for this poem. Every time I go on board I looking for this topic for new edition. God bless you and all my teal sisters.Smile

scatsm's picture
Posts: 296
Joined: Apr 2013

Thanks for sharing and including us all!



Posts: 22
Joined: Jun 2013

You are so talented! JoanieLaughing

kimberly sue 63's picture
kimberly sue 63
Posts: 421
Joined: Apr 2012

You are a poet and don't know it.Thank you! Kim

Rosamond M
Posts: 86
Joined: Apr 2013

Family and friends have been taking my time

This means I'm behind in writing this rhyme.

Apologies to those who've not yet made an appearance

I'll try very hard to correct this interference!

             So here we go again....

A personal touch comes from Kimberly Sue

MJensen or Michele shares this talent too.

"Loves Butterflies" -how I love that name

"Harley is me" to our board just came.

"mom2great kids"was mother of the bride

And "forme"to me seems to be quite dignified.


jbeans888's picture
Posts: 313
Joined: Mar 2011

That was awesome. Youbare very talented

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