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Papillon Targeted Contact radiotherapy for Lower Rectal Cancer

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Although for Rectal and not Anal cancer currently and somewhat limited in its application (typically T1) I wonder whether this might bode well for a brighter future for Anal Cancer sufferers also


Rectal Cancer Application

  • Early stage – T1 tumour as stand alone treatment
  • Small tumour less than 3cm
  • Well to moderately differentiated tumour
  • Mobile cancerous polyps
  • No spread into the lymph nodes
  • No spread at distance sights – ie liver, lungs etc
  • Low energy X-rays are directly applied to tumour and kills tumour cells layer by layer with each treatment.
  • With low energy, the depth of penetration is limited and this reduces the collateral damage to normal surrounding tissues.
  • Used mainly for T1 tumour without suspicious lymph node spread. Radiology with current available technology is not wholly reliable.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between T1 and early T2 tumour, therefore some early T2 tumours can be treated in the same way.
  • Not suitable for T3 tumours but can be used for patients who are not fit for surgery or potentially in conjunction with external beam radiotherapy and chemotherapy in order to downstage the tumour allowing local treatment options. Results are not as good as early tumours

I wonder - Is there anything similar happening stateside?



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Hello, IMRT is what I had to treat the anal cancer.  I am not familiar with the above.  If you google the IMRT is will come up.

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Thanks ever so much. Will definitely check this out and investigate further.

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