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Three sisters with BC

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Hi my name is cat(Cathy).  I am new here.  I was the second of three sisters who were all diagnosed with breast cancer this year.  I am 48 and the youngest.  I have invasive ductile carcinoma of the right breast.  My sister Judy(59) was diagnosed first and was halfway through chemo when they found mine.  I just went for my yearly not thinking they would find it in me to.  She has the same cancer as me but it was a little larger, 2cm to my .8cm. She is also triple neg.   I am HER2pos and estrogen pos(only10%).  My sister Terri(53) was nervous at this point and went for her mamo six month early. She has lobular cancer.  It was a little bigger than 2cm. And she is the only one with node involvement.  It was in one node.  We are all having slightly different treatment.  Terri and I share a Dr.  

This has been a horrible summer and Terri and I are mid chemo and very sick a lot.  I have had a headache since July 4 two days after my first chemo.  Not much helps it.  

My poor mom is 80 and just feels horrible.  She is in better health than us.  We lost our fourth sister Bonnie(would be58) to a brain aneurysm just a few years ago.  I have two brothers as well and neither is all that healthy either. 

I have been reading posts for awhile and learning a lot.  This place looks so helpful.  I thought it was time to post.  

=^..^= cat

p.s. none of us tested positive for the braca gene.  More testing is being done.  

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Bella Luna
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Oh gosh!  So sorry to hear cancer has invaded so many members in your family.  It is devastating to hear one has cancer, but I am glad that you have each other for support.  I understand how upset your Mom is to see her grown children suffering so.  You are doing what you can.  Stand firm for one another, stay strong.





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Welcome to the forum.  We are here for you and your sisters.

May God bless you all.


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Hello,Cat. Just want to welcome you to this amazing site. I am very sorry to read about you and your family's health issues. It is very unusual to have so many family members with somewhat different cancers that are not shared genticaly? You say you have two brothers. Have they been checked for lumbs in their chest also? I can tell you that men can get breast cancer,too. With your family history it would be to their advantage to be checked out! (If I was you, I would warn them about the mamogram though.)  Ouch! My cancer was 5cm when I finaly had it checked out.

I also feel for your mother,too. Just keep reminding her that it's not her fault and she did not do this to you all. Children just get sick sometimes and there is not much she can do to help you get better. (Because Mother's are supposed to fix anything wrong with their children!)

I hope that you and your sisters come back to this site as often as you need us for help or just to complain,"Why Us?"

Cyber (((HUGS))),Prayers and Positive Thoughts coming your way,



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So very sorry that you're joining us...it sounds like you and your family have been thru so much...you have a good support team here...keep us updated.


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Your story sounds so familiar!  I was the first diagnosed in 1987 at age 33 with Stage 3 IDC, estrogen +.  Had mastectomy, chemo, rads and tamoxifen.  There was no Her2 testing back then, but, recently I had liver mets and it is Her2 +.  Just finished 6 rounds of taxotere, perjeta and herceptin.  I am now 60.

My oldest sister was diagnosed at about age 40 with IDC Stage 1, estrogen +.  She is now 65 and doing well.

My youngest sister was also diagnosed around 40 with Stage 2 IDC, estrogen +, her2 neg.  She had a local recurrence many years ago.  She is now 58.

We tested negative for BRCA too.

My onc says that doesn't mean it isn't genetic; it just means the gene hasn't been identified.

Anyway, as you can see though, the good news is that we all still here!  Praying for you and sending lots of hugs!

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Breast cancer is genetic, but if your brothers are having problems then you should lookyour the area you were born, and raised in.  Your mother not having breast cancer throws a kink in genetics. My readshow points to this being a woman to woman disease.  I could be wrong.  Your brothers being in bad health, as well, seems suspicious.

I would suggest looking at simple things.  Did your family move when you were young?  Lots of things to look into.  Unfortunately this does not help you and your sisters, or brothers, but you might want to look into your past.


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My mom's family is pretty clean for cancer.  My dad's family has terrible history.  My dad and his brother had colon cancer (he had no sisters).  His mom and her 4 sisters had breast cancer and one also had colon cancer.  I have a photo of my paternal great aunt at my wedding a month before she died of breast cancer.  My paternal grandmother died from the disease when I was 11.  The others died before from breast cancer before I got to meet them.

It is a myth that the disease has to come from the maternal side.  Half of your genetic material comes from your father.  My docs and I are 90% certain my cancer comes from his side.  BTW, I have regular colonoscopies which have, thus far, removed polyps and prevented colon cancer.

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Welcome! Wow tough times -I am sending good thoughts your way for ALL of your family.



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Double Whammy
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Wow, Cat, so sorry to read about your cancer and that of your sisters.  We're here to offer support. 

I have no family history, yet I've had 2 primary cancers (breast and endometrial).  The only family member I know of who had any kind of cancer was my maternal grandfather who had either bladder or prostate cancer.  I have a good friend who has a family full of cancers of all types, and she did have cervical cancer as a young woman.  She's 70 now and has dodged that bullet that has taken out so many of her family members.  Go figure. 

Hope you and your sisters continue to do well and get through this difficult time safely.   Please keep us involved because we care.


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Suzanne, my breast surgeon told me the vast majority of women do not have a family history.  Just wanted to point that out even though my family history stinks.

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My mom always said we had cancer in the family but I looked around and didn't see any. I reminded her that her side of the family smoked and that was what I thought had something to do with it. Now since I am older I realize she was right. She died of ovarian cancer in 2001. A sister had uterus cancer in 2002. And I had breast cancer in 2003. Another sister had breast cancer in 2009. all survived except my mom. They just didn't catch it in time. 

I have two brothers and two sisters that are healthy.

I am sorry that you have so much cancer in your family also. 

My tumor was 6cm and 3cm and at least 2 lymph nodes with cancer. 

Hugs to all your family. 


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Thank you so much for sharing ,My 55 year old sister has invasive ductile carcinoma,triple negative,  My mom died of Pancreatic cancer at 53 which could have been caused by the mutant braca gene, both having had healthy life styles. I am going for the braca gene test this month.

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