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chemotherapy treatment

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After being diagnosed 3 years ago with lung cancer followed by surgery,  on my last checkup, cancer was found in the pleura which is contained in that location.  Chemo treatment began this June and after 3 treatments, my Ct.Scan showed that they had all shrunk which was great news.  I am continuing for 3 more treatments and then will again have a Ct.Scan to see how I am progressing. I have been unable to get an answer as to what I can expect in the future.  They discuss "management" which will be a continuation of chemo treatment with no end in the future.  If anyone has gone through this process, I would appreciate hearing your story.   

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Hello, Sorry you had to find us.  I have not had chemo.  I initially had a vats procedure to remove my lower right lobe, and I was 1a so no need for chemo/rad.  I had the surgery 9-23-10, and so far so good.  This is a good site, but not a lot of posters.  I also visit the Inspire web site where there is tons of information and lots of posters. I hope someone will chime in.  I wish you well. Lori

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The pleural effusion means that your stage one or two disease is now metastatic disease.  Stage four is considered non curable, but it is treatable.  This is what he meant by managing it.  They manage side effects or secondary conditions as they arise.  Cancers create a protein that causes blood to clot.  The clots can break loose and hit the lungs, heart or brain-most frequently, the lung.  There may be chemo or radiation.  Each comes with its own set of side effects which vary by the chemo drugs used.    

There is no way to predict what the future holds.  Which side effects may or may not occur.  It's an ongoing process which will become easier as time progresses.  The further you get from your new dx without further progression, the closer you come to being considered healed.  Most likely though you will be considered NED- No Evidence of Disease) or like me, no evidence of reoccurrence.   

Did the biopsy confirm that it is the same cancer and not a new primary? Did they test the cancer cells for useful mutations?  what type of chemo are you having?  

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My dad was diagnosed 3 years ago with NSLC followed by a total left lung pleurectomy. Last year, the caner recurrented at the same location, and then he has radiation and chemo. The tumor was shrunk after that. However, last CT scan plus a biopsy showed that the same type of cancer invaded his pleura in that location.

The oncologist scheduled him two chemos appointments. The first one is tomorrow. It is good to hear that chemo shrunk your tumors.

I am sure you and my dad can win this battle!

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