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new cancer

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I haven't been in for a while I have a rash no one knows what is causing it. Now my cancer is back I go to have a biopsy on Tuesday, just to make sure then I go  to the cancer center in Seattle to see what they say. Then I see a plastic surgeon.My surgeon said my skin was so tight now, and they have to go back in. They have to decide where to get muscle to fill in the hole and a skin graft. They offered me stronger pain medicine I don't need it yet. Any help you could give me I appreciate. I feel very week and fall asleep all the time. My other doctor was talking about me getting a colostomy. I am scared this time. This will be my fifth one./ worry about bills and rent now this again. If anyone has had this before let me know what to expect Thank you so much.
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I can't offer you any advice, but I will keep you in prayer.


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Thanks for your prayers. I hope the surgery won't be to much.I will be glad to know,. Thank you so much..

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I am so sorry for what you are going through. I wish I had some answers.  I know you are scared, but you are never alone.  Sending you many, many hugs.  

I pray you get some answers.



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 Biopsy is tomorrow, just to confirm what they already know. I will find out more than. Thanks for your prayers. I hope the surgery won't be to much Thank you will need your prayers.

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Thinking of you...


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I go for the biopsy tomorrow, just to confirm what they already know. I will find out more than. Thanks for your prayers

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Hoot Owl
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Praying for you!!!

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Double Whammy
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So sorry to hear this is happening. We'll be with you tomorrow.  I'm sorry I have no words of wisdom about this, but if your body is needing rest, it needs it to be able to fight what's going on.  I hope the surgery is is doable.


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Suzanne thank you so much I have had a rough week. had the biopsy then the stitches. My sister called ans said my cousins daughter was killed in a car wreck in N. J. Her mother was like my sister, her children like one of mine.  I couldn't believe it. I havenn't talked to the mother yet. I talked to her the day she left to go visit the family. I talked to her son who is in a nursing home because he was in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago. He broke his leg in five places and shattered his ankle. Today they called to say my cancer was back again. I feel weak all the time sleepy and just feel bad . it's worse than the other times. Pray for our finances to change. It has been awful. My son is laid off ,my other son is only getting a few days  a week.  We weanted to try and get a food truck before anythibg happens to me but our credit is bad right now way there work is, and the expenses now, and of course the washing machine broke and had to replace it. It would be nice if you could take up colections do different things to raise money for people needing things. pick out two familys and raise money then on to the next family and so on. sorry just thinking out loud. . just thought about that. thanks for the prayers . Its wonderful to know people care. prayers for you and all our cancer familys.  

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with you, and your family ..  So much happening at one time -  Try taking 1 step at a time dear Sister.


Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam




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You must have the strength of Atlas to stand up to all of these disasters at once.  My heart and postive thoughts are with you to continue to withstand this stress.  It makes my problems pall in comparison and I admire you. 


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