Slight anal bleeding.

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The way most of us found out that we have colorectal cancer is that we had blood in our stool. So did I. However 2-3 weeks into the radiation and Xeloda it stopped and so did my pain. I finished radiation about a month ago and I am on my second Folfox. I still don't see blood in my stool, but when I wipe the tissue paper is light pink. Me and my doctors are waiting one more month before surgery. I ask my doctors next week, but is it possible that this pink tissue paper is due to the healing of radiation demage? Or chemo or my rectal cancer is getting active again?

My question is: did any of you have any anal bleeding during or after Chemo?




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    Dead tumor

    Hi, Laz. i haven't talked to you much. I liked your "ill take two" joke the other week. Bynthe time I got around to responding the thread was buried.

    i had pink slime coming out of my butt and figured it was dead tumor cells.  the first round of chemo whacked my primary tumor so that's probably what it was. can't remember what my onc said - he might have agreed with me,

    hope its that.

    good luck



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    After finishing radiation there would be blood on my toiletpaper.  Discovered that the anus was so raw from the radiation that when it was wiped it was tearing the fresh baby skin (now starting to heal) right open.  It was almost like having a burn then tearing the skin off and exposing raw flesh.  Take a mirror and see if after you have gone and done wiping, if you can see some bleeding areas on the outside of your anus.  Mine would get so bad it would drip into the toilet. 

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    I have had a showing of blood every now and again since my radiation treatment (I'm over a month out now).  It definitely comes from my hemorrhoids, as it itches like crazy afterwards.

    Still, you get to mention it to your Oncologist. I mention EVERYTHING to my Onc, no matter how small it may seem.