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New member and looking for new dr/2nd opinion

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Hi, I am really afraid I have ovarian cancer. I have a cyst that is 2cm? But I am so bloated and have been for over 6 weeks! And my periods are so heavy and irregular. And I have pain after sex and I have to pee suddenly. my dr thinks I am crazy. I am searching for a new dr.

she wouldn't even tell me what kind of cyst and said I would be fine if I wasn't in any pain. I don't think she is taking my concerns seriously. I am NO hypochondriac. In fact I hate doctor visits, but I was so afraid bc my body is O F F! I know my body and I know when something is wrong and I feel wrong. I look pregnant, and my jeans don't fit and I am just curious if anyone else ever had a dr who didn't listen and if you ended up getting a second opinion and it lead to a cancer finding?

im sorry, I just don't know who else to ask :( 

Thank you so much, I'm sorry for the trouble...

priscilla :(

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Many of us was misdiagnosed or wasted months trying the doctors to take us seiously. If you click on my picture you could read how I was originally diagnosed.

Ask for the referral to gyno-oncologist, for the abdominal CT scan and for CA125 blood test. If anything, it will eliminate ovarian cancer and get you closer to finding the reason of your symptoms.

Good luck!

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Pricisilla, Nothing is as bad as feeling like your doctor/health care provider doesn't listen to you. Unfortunately, some providers don't get that we are paying them for a service, and can take our business elsewhere.

I would recommend getting a second opinion. Is your current doctor a gynecologist? Do you have any gynecological oncologists in your area? If so, I would call and see if you need a referral from your current doctor to be seen. If not, I would schedule an appointment.


I'm not a doctor and I don't diagnose. But I know what it is like to not be listened to. For 7 months I was diagnosed with "diverticulitis" by a nurse practioner. When my symptoms became worse and my stomach was more bloated, she told me I was constipated and recommended I take mag citrate and drink water and eat fiber. Two weeks later I went to the ER for vomiting. On cat scan they diagnosed me with ovarian cancer. My Ca 125 was 1846. Four days later they tried to do surgery and were unable to because the tumors were coating my bowel. However, they removed 3-4 liters of fluid (ascites) from my peritoneal cavity.

Advocate for yourself. Someone has to.

Good Luck!


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Hi ladies, omg I can't thank you enough. I just want to understand what is going on. 5 years ago, almost to the day, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and a cone biopsy removed all of it with clear margins. We move a lot because we are in the hospitality business, and this is the longest we've ever lived anywhere. I have access to an OBGYN, GP and if necessary GYN oncologists. There are many excellent hospitals very close and I am fortunate enough to have very good insurance, PPO no referrals required. For something like this I would confirm before making the appointment. I hadn't considered going directly to an oncologist myself. 

My bloating is INSANE! And hasn't let up since end of June. My periods have been irregular, heavier and closer together and longer, I was afraid it was cervical again, but the pap was clear. But this bloating must end! my underwear doesn't fit :( I even took pg tests to make sure I wasn't crazy bc I was nauseous and just heavy bloated. But no, 4 tests, all negative.

May I ask, why do I need a CT scan? will that be more accurate for detecting ovarian cancer? As opposed to a transvaginal ultrasound? I had the transvaginal Ultrasound and the dr said I had an ovarian cyst 2mm but if no pain then no problem. But she didn't address my bleeding or bloating at all.

So I am wondering if a CT would show something that the ultrasound didn't? Or a more in depth look at the existing cyst? and I will look into requesting the blood test as well. I have doctor issues and have a huge complex about what they think of me, like I am crazy, or exaggerating my concerns And symptoms. 

i will update you when I have my appointment scheduled. 


Thank you again SO SO very much!!! You are all amazing and inspiring! Priscilla 

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Good luck, PG, and don't stop asking questions until your symptoms are resolved.  That being said, don't be surprised if a gynocological oncologist refuses to see you at this point.  We on this board are used to urging women with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer to have surgery performed only by this type of specialist.  But most gyn/oncs won't see a patient until they have a pretty definite diagnosis.  They just don't have the time that allows them to do the initial testing that leads up to this diagnosis. 

2 cm cysts are very normal in the whole scheme of things.  Women normally get simple cysts of this size with every ovulation.  But your other symptoms are not normal and you should keep pursuing them until you find out what is going on.  If you don't feel you can be honest about your symptoms with your current doctor, then, by all means, try another one.  One good sign for you is that the preganancy tests are negative.  Women with ovarian cancer will show positive on pregnancy tests even though they are not pregnant.  So, it's likely that your symptoms are a result of something other than ovarian cancer.

Vaginal ultrasounds are pretty accurate with regard to identifying ovarian cancer,  In my case, however, I had two that showed nothing, before a third that led to a CT scan which idenitified the cancer.  So, I don't trust them to be accurate.  Keep trying until you find a diagnosis.  

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