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Chenheart's Birthday - Today, August 23rd

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Christmas Girl
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The first birthday since her passing, about a month ago (July 25th).

Our beloved Chen joined CSN more than 10 years ago, as a newcomer to breast cancer - as the vast majority seem to do. Most find this forum during the earliest segments of their journeys. Then, when treatment and recovery are complete - many depart. Many seem to need distance from cancer as a constant topic in order to build their 'new normal' life. All quite understandable, even to be expected.

But, Chen remained. Active both here on the BC Board, and in Chat - which put her in contact with survivors of all types of cancer. Active for over 10 years. "Paying it forward." Until recently - when her mets, chemo & meds eventually pulled her offline and away from her keyboard... much to her dismay.

She was amazingly prolific with her genuinely kind-hearted words of support & encouragement, true compassion & empathy, unique sense of humor. For anyone, everyone, all who found their way to here. Countless hours spent, immeasurable efforts... giving of herself, her heart, her soul... for more than 10 years. Unconditionally, without restraint.

Kindred Spirits, she named us. Kindred Spirits, indeed.

I wonder, and cannot honestly begin to even imagine... How many - during 10+ years - did she help, inspire, strengthen? How many, now long gone from CSN, still remember her? Hundreds? More? How many carry within themselves her oft-repeated mantras: Be Stronger Than, Not Angry At & We do what we have to do, so that we can do what we want to do. How many have shared, beyond CSN, her mantras with others? I can only wonder, because my questions cannot be answered.

She was our 50-ft. Woman. There will never, ever, be another quite like her.

Today, August 23rd, is Chenheart's birthday. Her life was a precious and cherished gift to all who knew and loved her - including me.

Kind regards, 12/25


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Thank you Christmas Girl for that wonderful tribute.


Thank you to dearest ChenHeart ...for her compassion, her humor, her ability to pull everybody together when there were 'fights' and disagreements on the Board, for her writing ability but most importantly for her time.  She spent so much time here encouraging other people.  I know she was the first to welcome me to this Board when I was absolutely terrified and overwhelmed.  I am one of the many whose life was forever touched by her compassion and kindness.  She is and will be sorely missed.  Her Hogwarts welcome was a classic as were her many wise sayings.

Dearest Chenheart ... never forgotten by those who lives she touched.

We miss you.  

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What a wonderful tribute to a very special woman who did indeed touch immeasurable lives.

Thank you Christmas Girl, this was so perfect.

New Flower
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Thank you Susan for your wonderful words.

10 years almost every day is amazing gift she gave to our comminity. I hope every one whom she has help keep her light in their hearts.

Happy Birthday, Claudia

I am missing you

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Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our beloved Chenheart/Claudia - celebrating her life, Birthday, and her endless love to our all of US!

So appropriate .. 

I so admire you, and what you've been able to express in words on Chen's behave.

Vicki Sam

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What a wonderful tribute to ChenHeart.... thank you for expressing what so many us feel.  Happy Birthday Claudia - you will live on in so many hearts.  ((Hugs)) Shannon

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Thank you!  That was a beautiful tribute to a one of a kind!   I know she will live on in the hearts of so many.  I can't even imagine how many she inspired, loved and supported.  

Chen, Hope your bday among the angels was as awesome as you are!  Love you and will always miss you my dear sweet friend!

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but know she is watching over all and strong for all who still her.  

May she ride on Angels wings for ever.......

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I have just returned here to this discussion board after being gone a while.  I am saddened to have noticed a name I remember from my days on here, Chenheart, and to see she has passed.  I am sorry for those who lost a friend here.  My heart goes out to you. 

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Happy birthday to Chen. She posted that she took food for the homeless in the park. But she also took  dog food for the ones who have dogs. She was always two steps ahead. 

Happy Earth Birthday, you will never have to count them again. 


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