12 Months post colon anastomsis for sigmoid colon cancer stage 3 b.

My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 b colon cancer in the sigmoid colon in august 2012.  A 50 mm adenocarcinoma was found and 2 out of 35 lymph nodes were affected.  A treatment regime of 6 months of folfox 6 (5fu and oxaliplatin) followed.  That finished in April 2013.  A ct was performed at the end of April and that showed no sign of disease.  Early this month a colonoscopy was performed which showed the anastomosis site to be well healed and no evidence of recurrance, however they found 3 x 3mm Polyps in the transverse colon.  They were removed at colonoscopy and histology was performed.  The results yesterday were no cancer was found in them.  They are adenomas (the familial type) which is what the original tumor would have started off as.  The treatment plan is 3 month ct scan and cea and full blood tests and a 6 month colonoscopy.  So we are grateful for this result and we hope all of you going through this awful ordeal can at least stay one step ahead of this cruel disease.  I see too much of it in my hospital, however I think the preventative programmes are starting to make a difference to the outcome for people.  I will continue to follow you all and wish you good luck and God bless.   dinkydi8


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    That's wonderful news.

    No surgery was needed?


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    lp1964 said:

    That's wonderful news.

    No surgery was needed?


    sigmoid colon resection

    Hi Laz,  I dont think I have seen you post before.  Yes, my husband had surgery for a adenocarcinoma in the  sigmoid colon and subsequently an anastomosis which involved 12 inches of bowel being removed and of course the tumor contained in that.  There were 35 lymph nodes removed with the fat sac behind that and 2 nodes were involved.  I will have to read up on your story and hopefully have an interaction with you about your progress.  dinkydi8  from Australia

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    That's great!

    Sounds like you guys will be staying on top of things, and that is key in this battle.  Congratulations, and enjoy the good health!

    Ann Alexandria