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Lymphedema treatment - hand & arm wrapped

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If you don't see me posting for a while it is due to my wrappings for lymphedema treatment.  Hard to type.  Reading all your posts, wishing you all the best.  Have 3 more weeks of it....


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I am so glad to hear you are getting treatment for your LE.

I know it is uncomfortable and a pain in the butt, but I hope it works wonders for you!!!

P.S. Make sure they teach Manual Lymphedema Drainage (the self massaging to get the fluid flowing). That will help,too.

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Christmas Girl
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And, yes - ask about MLD. I've done it daily, still do, for prevention.

Kind regards, Susan

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I don't post much anymore but I've followed along your journey.  So thankful you received a good report from your scans.  

I know the wrapping is not fun at all.  I go back to a therapist in a couple of weeks and I'm afraid I'm going to have to go through that too.  I'm thankful you were able to see a good LE therapist - they are hard to find.  

Prayers that the swelling goes down ... and stays down.  I agree about the MLD.  

Hang in there.  

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Good luck!  Sending healing (((hugs))) and prayers!!!!

New Flower
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Hi Doris,

 I am glad you have been going through the treatment. It is hard, especially when you feel weak from Chemo

I need to do it too, as well as to order new sleve and glove. I have taken so much time off from work for clinical trials, shigles, side effects of experimental drug, that I had to sacrifice lymphdema treatment. Really i should restart oficial lymphedema treatment at the office too. daily MLD is my routeen, however it is not easy when you tired and fatigue. I got my Faslodex yesterday.

Wishing you easy time.



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 and your so very valuable advise,  information and research.  ....  but, we understand.  Prayers, and strength to you dear dear dear Sister.

Damnnnnnn lymphdema treatment - ... so necessary .. LOL 


Vicki SamCry

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if it's not one thing, it's about 3 more.  I'm still doing the manual drainage technique that I was taught and I use the sleeve and glove when I fly, etc.  Thankfully, even with 23 nodes removed on the one side, mine has been pretty manageable.  P.S.  I try never to lift using that arm.  My therapist said one lady she treats was over 10 years out, never had lymphedema issues to speak over, lifted a 20 lb. turkey out of her oven on Thanksgiving, felt a "gush" and her arm swelled up like a balloon!  That's the wonderful thing about this disease--it's never over.


Good luck, Renee

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I do hope you are doing better ..  Thinking about you Dear Sister!  I am also keeping your mom in good thoughts, and prayers.


Vicki Sam

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You will sure be missed while your not posting. Wishing you all the best. Party when you get back Ok.

Take care darlin Kay

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