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Had my second onco meeting today, according to the MRI I have further lumps in my tight breast.  It showed the cancer in the 5th vertibrae, and I am now on permanent pain meds.  sigh......

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What treatments are you taking right now. Are you having a mastectomy? Chemo, Rads, I also have mets to my spine I know the pain. Mine is in L1 & L2. But as soon as I started chemo the really bad pain stopped. I do have damage from the cancer though. I have to take pain pills mostly at night so I can sleep. During the day I cope with it. Don't like taking too many narcotics. I also have mets to my lungs and the damage to them was severe I have to be on oxygen now if I go outside. ( I live in a humid state ) or with exertion. I wish you all the best and you are in my prayers. Please keep up posted. I'll check back on you.

Take care Kay

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Christmas Girl
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So very sorry, hon. What else, besides pain meds? What about the lumps? Surgery?

(deep sigh...)

Remember - we do what we have to do, so that we can do what we want to do.


Kindest regards, Susan

P.S. to Kay: Sending best wishes for you, with hugs. I hope your post inspires Julia.

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Posts: 2081
Joined: Oct 2008

Kay, I am not doing chemo, I am on a hormonal and a bone strenghener. Hate doing pain meds and have no tolerance for codeine, so that is not an option either.  Have heard from several people that the radiation has really helped them with spinal tumours so keeping fingers crossed on that.

Susan, I know, it sure sucks.  But I am getting by O.K. Have to prepare for a birthday party for tomorrow, and this afternoon I am driving for a wedding with the single (Rosie) then later we are hoping to hitch up one of the teams and have a bbq.  (+ loads of pain killers) lol.

Thanks both of you J xxxxxxx

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NUTS!  That is all I can say, dearest!  I HATE this monster cancer!!!!

Is your 'bone strengthener' helping at all?  I had an infusion for the chemo-induced osteoporosis, and it seems to be working!


Hugs, Kathi

New Flower
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Hi Tasha,

 If hormonal works you should feel better in two months. I know two months sounds forever when it is about pain. There is a crean and patches for pain ask your doctor. Initially I used Lidocaine patches every night, they helped tp sleep.  I did not have radiation for spine, because I have had Chemo it it did work.

Happy Birthday!!


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my spine and hip pain for about 2 years. I go back to my rad onco to see if it ia possible now to have it for my right femur. nIt was amazining how quickly the pain subsided. Had another MRI on Wednesday so the onco can see if it will be possible to have more rads to my right femur. Hopefully the hormonal meds will work and stop the progression.
Hopw you enjoyed your bbq..
Through the cancer wellness house here I was geting Acupuncture which also helped with the pain, and it was free. Acupuncturists volunteer which is wonderful as Medicare does not cover this service. And it did help me.

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