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My husband's scan results - good news!

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We had a great appointment yesterday.  Started out with his port not being accessible to draw blood.  After about an hour of the nurses trying 85 different things, they determined he would need some treatment they call Drain-o to open it up.  The flushing was working, but no blood could be drawn.  They said that would take another 30 minutes.  After already being there for an hour and anxious to get the scan results, I said "Can't you just draw blood from his arm?"  Well, heck yes they could!

90 minutes after our appt. time, a resident came in and said "There is no evidence of metastatic disease" which at first scared me because he didn't have mets to begin with.  Turns out the resident is specializing in endochronology and since my husband is also diabetic, we had some good discussion about that.  Our regular oncologist came in with a big smile on his face and it became like a party in the room.  I asked about the no sign of mets and he explained that the CT showed no masses and no spreading in the midddle organs  My husband also asked why they wouldn't check his lungs during the scan and doc told us the cancer would most likely first show up in organs closer to the colon.  If that happened, then they would scan the lungs.

We reviewed blood work, etc. and I forgot to ask what his CEA was.  They had told us his blood work was the same or better than his last treatment blood work in early July.  We will have to call back to get that info.  Next appt. in 3 months and follow up with gastro doctor for next colonoscopy date.  He said he may recommend 2/year.  Onc said since my husband has had 3 CT scans in 9 months, he wants to wait until after colonoscopy to see if another scan is needed within 6 months.

So, it was a good day despite getting soaked from the rain, which I guess we should take as a sign of cleansing!

Thanks to you all for your support helping me out as caregiver, it has really meant a lot to me.


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Wish we heard more of it here. 

Keep it up and let us know all the awesome things you guys do as well.


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Great news ... time to celebrate!!

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I'm happy you are getting some good news.  Here in Arizona we just love the rain!!! Take it a day at a time and ENJOY!!!

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my happy dance for you Linda.  Great news!!!!!!!!!!!

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We are happy to hear about your husband's great news!   All good news is welcome here!


I am sure at times the stress was greater on wife then me.  I knew I was going to get better, I do not live in the what ifs.


Best Always,  mike 

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That is great news. Thanks for sharing

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