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another biopsy scheduled

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So, it was squamous cell carcinoma of the lip a few weeks ago which was completely removed (according to the perky twelve year old nurse).

I let Jim go to ONE appointment without me because I had spinal fusion surgery - just ONE appointment, mind you - and he ends up having a special scan because something looks suspicious in his hypopharyngeal area (where original Stage 4 was found and treated and cured three years ago this month).  We went for a follow up to the special scan and now have a biopsy scheduled for this coming Monday, 26 August.

Asking for prayers and good thoughts.  Maybe this is just scar(e) tissue and the doctor is being overly cautious.

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Sending hugs and good thoughts your way. Prayers too!


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Always better to be pro-active versus re-active.....

Pretty nurse huh...., you better make sure you go with him from now on, LOL.


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my pocket.....sending positive thoughts that the Dr. is taking very good care of your Jim....and all that will be there is scar tissue from rads. 

Sending you a virtural hug, too....


Perky 12 y/o nurse?  You cracked me up!

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sending prayers and best wishes for both.


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jim and i
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I pray the area is scar tissue and I pray for you both to be comforted as you await the results.


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This is why we are all on the 5-year (to start) watch me close plan.

Only good thoughts and prayers coming to you from 60 degree Oregon



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They'll get you every time! ;)  (that made me giggle)

Positive thoughts and prayers that everything will remain in check and it's nothing serious.


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Positive thoughts and plenty of mojo headed to you and Jim!!



ps- my GI who did my PEG was only 14 (or that's what I asked him, according to my wife, as I was coming out from anesthesia, along with showing all the nurses my "doggie boxers" I was wearing - I don't do drugs welll:))

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Only the very best outcomes for you. Better have cautious docs than ones who keep saying "nothing to worry about". don

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Prayers and good thoughts that you are right and this turns out to be scar tissue .


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It's amazing how we look at situations the same.  Sometimes, the younger proffessionals don't get it !  But I sure chuckled at the 12 yr. old nurse senerio !  Prayers and strong thoughts for both of you for a good outcome.  Katie

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