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First Chemo Treatment

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Yea! So far so good. 5 more treatments of chemo. with MDA PCC proticol. It was great knowing we r finally shrinking and killing the beast. He is feeling fine right now. Actually better than me!  Taking his N/V med as ordered. Next treatment in one week. Today we will get on our routine of neck and mouth excersises, in preparation for radiation tx. and a little gym workout to his tolerance. 

I know we hv a lot to go, but each victory seems so sweet. So many others are having hard times prayers go out to all of them. 

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Hi tgcap,

It's a good feeling to finally be battling the beast. The time from Dx to Tx seems like forever and knowing that the beast is growing during that time is stressful to say the least. 

Keep your armour in check. Hydration and nutrition are vital. Stay ahead of the symptoms as best your can and kick cancer's a$$! 

Positive thoughts and prayers


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A plan in the works....



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Memorize and make this a chant 24/7


You address and FOCUS on these three and you will make it through without a doubt! best to you, don

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On a side note, watch out for nausea and constipation.  You will want to stay in front of both (literally and figuratively).


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Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.    Best to you both.



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jim and i
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As previously stated by other warriors, hydration is key. Constipation is also important to avoid.. This was not stressed enough. Jim suffered a lot from it and the result was surgerie to remove his appendix and part of the lower and upper bowels.So, hydration and softners are very important.


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You r so right. 24 hrs into this and bang.. Constipation. I know that seems silly to worry about it so soon, but, no pun intented, we hv started on mirlax and senekot to avoid issues. Lots and lots of water, fruit, fiber and vegs. also. So thk you . You r so right. We r trying to be proactive to avoid theses issues the best we can. Barb caregiver

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Maybe it is just me but an Ensure does the trick for me. Worth a try before adding additional meds.

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