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treatment for HER2 positive Esophageal cancer

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here is the news for claude  after his visit to his oncologist this morning: he's going to continue the herceptin every three weeks but she is stopping the folfox ( to maybe go back to it at a later time if ever needed ). he's had six rounds of folfox and she does not want to continue oxaliplatin to avoid bringing on neuropathy. she says 12 rounds is the most for oxaliplatin but often neuropathy comes after the eighth . he's going to have LV5U2 every two weeks instead of the folfox. She was happy with the pet scan results but wants him to do an MRI of the brain as something showed up on the pet scan . they are not sure what it is and want to check it out. all the best, danièle

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My Doc has told me that 8, maybe 9 rounds, is as far as most folks are able to make it with folfox.  It's hard core stuff with seriously unpleasant side effects.  I did 12 rounds, with neuropathy and other awesomeness that waned each round until the 12th.  After that,  I was floored and am still enjoying the apparently permanent side effects.  I bounced back from the 11th round, but the 12th I wasn't able to recover from.  That said, I'm still alive & well, so I'll gladly trade the side effects for the clean scans.


Wishing you & Claude well,



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