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newly diagnosed stage IV lung cancer in dad

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My dad just found out he had lung cancer on my birthday. In the last week he as undergone a bronch, ct scan and pet scan. His cancer has is in the right lobe, left lobe lymph nodes, liver and bones of the lower back and hip. He received his first round of chemo therapy on Monday. It is a regimin of avastin, almita, carboplatin and xgeva. Has anyone undergone the same chemo? From what I am reading this is just pallative treatment and will extend his quality of life another couple of months to maybe a year. He was given 3 months without the treatment. What can I expect from this chemo?

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My chemo was different but I can help you with some info.  I do know the Xgeva is to strengthen the bones and reduces the incidence of further bone mets.  The carboplatin will cause a metallic taste.  To help lessen that, use plastic forks and spoons and paper plates.  The carboplatin may make your hair thin but not necessarily all fall out.   I can't say about the others for sure. The alimta may cause your chest to feel like it is being squeezed.  

stay hydrated and eat lots of small meals.  

please know that this does not have to be an automatic death sentence.  In Oct 2010 I was give ten months to live WITH treatment.  Much depends of course on location of tumors and response to the chemo.  Give the treatment a chance. At stage four all treatment is considered palliative but he can have good quality of life.  There are members who check in only occasionally because they are busy living their lives ten and fifteen years after their stage four diagnosis. 

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My husband has the same stage of Lung cancer, (NSCLC - adenocarcinoma) with mets to brain, bone and liver.

He was diagnosed in June of 2011.  He received the exact same chemo as your dad for his first round and did really well.

The statistics around lung cancer are horrible.  Dont read them.  Your dad is an individual, not a statistic.

My husband has survived for over two years from diagnosis, and just got back from a trip with his brothers to wyoming. 

Noone knows anyone's prognosis and its just frustrating to focus in on that.  I know its normal to think about but it really

is useless as any of us could be hit by a bus tomorrow.  

Take it a day at a time, try not to get too far ahead of yourself or you will get easily overwhelmed.  Look for the silver linings

in this big black cloud; I have found many.  My marriage is better and many relationships have become richer and more real.  

We are all on the same journey, be it cancer, or no cancer.    best wishes to you, your dad and your family, i will keep you in my prayers.


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So sorry  for your husbands dx.  I had anal and lung cancer and saw your post on the anal cancer board to polup.  There have been many responses to your post and you might want to go back and read them.  I don't think you realize how rare anal cancer is.  The symptoms of a hemroid and anal cancer are very similar.  I am sure that poster will follow up with the dr. Lori

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