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My mom

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So we had our first onc apt yesterday to plan out the chemo and go over histopath.. So the justo path revealed all serous tumor however on the original biopsy they saw sarcoma cells, so they are calling it a carcinosarcoma although the histopath from surgery revealed all serous. They want to do 6 rounds of iphos + taxol. There where metastasis to omentum, umbilicus, and 1 lymph node putting her up to a stage 4. I'm just confused why treat it like mixed if only a small tiny original sample done on pipelle biopsy showed some mix but nonof of the histopath did.

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And your doctor should spend all the time you need to help you understand it.  No doubt you can call to ask questions and I would suggest you give them a jingle, tell them you have questions and would like the chance to talk.  I know I made the oncologist I had crazy as my sister gave me a whole list of things to ask and she patiently answered every question. 

They know you need your questions answered and that is what they are there for. 

It sounds like being there for your mom is helping you as much as her.  That is so wonderful.  I couldn't have made it through without my BFF sitting there and hearing things I didn't hear and asking questions I couldn't have thought of.


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You are also entitled to get a second opinion on the pathology/treatment plan if assure you all avenues are addressed.  My gyno/oncologist was very supportive and arranged everything from sending a sample of the pathology to setting up the appointment at Dana Farber.  interesting in Dana Farber a total cancer hospital in Boston came up with a different pathology and ordered more samples.  This got the team going on a third opinion.  Cancer diagnosis is very hard and what I was told in the more rare ones a pathologist opinion of what he sees.  Insurance was very supportive of the second and third opinions.

for the second opinion I had a visit, the third was just sent to Sloan Kittery for a review of the pathology.  Given some difference in opinions on the pathology my Dr actually sent me back to Dana Farber for recommendations on radiation.

you know you have a good Dr when they support a second look

Hang in there as you and mom can do this and definately get through it


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Thank you, we have appointment at Sloan Tuesday 

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