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M.R.I. denied

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insurance denied this so now doc sending me for U S they should not be allowed and IM wondering who would like to raise some hell with me in washington if need be ladies this is our life we r talking about and who should deny this test to us just because of price my life is worth so much more then a test and so r all of yours so let me know and ill check back soongood luck and well wishes to all

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I am finding insurance is denying more and more this year.  I am appealing a $26,000 pathology analysis denial currently.  It is getting so you have to appeal everything.

My advice is to begin an appeal today.  Call your insurance company and tell them you want to appeal.  You have that right.  Do it for the next person if not for yourself!

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this morning. Now that I am Medicare I asked if it was approved. They will determine the approval when it is submitted. lol
If they deny it, the hospital will eat it. I do not have 10k to pay for it, so I will contiue paying the hospital 30. a month for the remainder of my life. If medicare denies treatment, them United Healthcare also denies payment so noone gets paid.
I understand your frustration. I was on heceptin. They knew it was working, it was the only time my mets were close to stable tin the last 3 years, yet United Healthcare determined, after 17 months, that because pathology came back undetermined that I was not eligible for it. First they tried to get 363,000 dollars back for the can er treatment for the past 2 1/2 years as they felt that the doc should not have treated me with it (even though they apprroved the treatment). But they have refused any additional hercceptin for me, even though it was working!
They did allow the Adiamycin afyer that so I had 11 infusions, got 2 more UTI's on it and blood cots.
So now I am no longer being treated for the actual cancer, my only option now has been hospice.
Todays MRI will hopefully show that radiation will behelp with the pain in my right hips/femur, of course only as palliati e care.
I have been so frustrated that I am being denied Herceptin, I am denied any participation in trials, as Utah is one of a handful of states that does not recognize clinical trials as a viable ption for advanced cancers, and therefor, it is up to each inssurance company here to determine wheather to allow trials. UHC told me no!
Yes it is amazing that in the United States, we allow insurance companies to determine, not a doctor wheather treatment is necessary!

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