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My First Chemo tomorrow, need the Pink Bus !

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Joined: May 2013

Hello everyone,  think I will need the Pink Bus, tomorrow is my first Chemo.  I know many of you have gone through this but I am as nervous as nervous can be and of course crying  but I do that for anything LOL 



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I'll be there and will bring muffins and fruit. Wishing you the best on your first chemo round and minimal side effects.

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I am here with you honey and remember you will be fine!!!! Just the word chemo bothered me and now when I look back I say to myself...WOW I DID IT!!!

Please let me know if you need some handholding cause I will give you my number and we can facetime or talk while you are there!!!

It will be over before you know it and you will be going home.

This is what we have to do to get rid of any trace of cancer. All I said to myself was...."I have to get the cancer out and any tiny cells that might be floating around!" 

I just kept repeating..."I have to get the cancer out!"

I hope this helped....



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Christmas Girl
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Hope it goes OK for you. Your nervousness is quite normal - I clearly remember (was a long, long time ago) being frightened nearly out of my wits. After the first treatment, you'll know what to expect.

Kind regards, Susan

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I will be on the bus for you. It really is comforting to know that so many are with you in spirit.

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Hi De

I hope all went well on your first chemo. Let us know how you are doing. Love Surf

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I will ride along-I have no experience in this but have a shoulder to cry on!



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I hope all is well De. My best wishes to you.

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You have every right to have your emotions/feelings...I haven't gone thru chemo - so, I have no words of wisdom to share - just wanted to let you know that I'm wishing you well...keep us updated...

Andi :)

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Hate that I missed the ride :(

Hope the treatment went well. Hang tough!!!

Keep us posted.



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an email was going around this afternoon at work and had several pictures of animals (which I love) and the sayings...this one made me think of sending it to you - Andi :)



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Had my first Chemo was not bad at all but by the second day I was so sick.  It really kicked my butt.  I am barely able to get around and its going to be a week already.  Tomorrow I go just for the picc line flush.  Wow I couldn't beleive how sick I got.  Thank you everyone for riding the bus with me.  

Love and Hugs


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Hopping aboard.

I remember being teary the morning I was to start chemo.  I think part of it was reality settling in.   I really had to do this.  Not sure if any of that mirrors your thoughts.

Once you see how things settle in, you will manage just fine.  Sometimes you will need to remind yourself that this will end and that for the present, you will just have to deal with it.

I do hope you like your nurses and other medical personnel where you go for your infusions.  That is a big help in staying positive.

I wish you well.



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