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Something to Thank God for.

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About three Months ago I had to get a tooth pulled and you know with me it is a major event. The doctor would only pull the tooth while I was under and in a Surgery center just in case the tooth or Jaw broke and he would have to go in and drill the tooth out of my mouth. The other problem if you remember is I can’t open my Jaw but 19mm a little over a ½ inch. My ENT at the same time wanted to clean up my sinus because I bleed sometimes and always seem to have a sinus infection. And at the same time give me a good scoping to make sure everything in there is OK.

About two weeks after during a follow-up appointment I notice that the doctor was a little uneasy about something. So just before she finished checking me she sat down and told me that during the surgery she took some biopsies and they came back positive for NPC. While she was looking straight at me I just smiled and told her, wow God is so good. She at first did not understand but then I asked her. Doc you just did a scope and did you see anything that looked like a tumors or cancer, she said no I did not. Then I told her you remember in my files that every ENT before you all said the same thing but never seen any active C.

I just did my 3 Month follow-up appointment with my ENT last week and I could see that she had that puzzled look on her face again. She did the normal scoping like always and said; I just don’t understand it, I looked and said understand what. This pathology report is saying that you have cancer but I don’t see any evidence of disease. Doc are you telling me that I am NED, She said I don’t know what else to tell you because I don’t see where you have Cancer.

I still have and live with a lot of problems from all the treatment but God knows how much we can stand and give the grace needed to make another day.


God Bless you all who are still running the race, I am pulling for you at the finish line.  

Tim Hondo


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tim, this is a fantastic post!!!  thank you for sharing something that makes us smile.  that's always a nice feeling.  best wishes for more NED's!


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".... is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1


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I'm with Phrannie.  My lungs have been weak all my life, don't know why.  Had to give up smoking MJ in my early 20's because I would cough so much.  If there was a vapor method then I may look into it.


A good friend of mine and also a C survivor uses it everday for pain 1st, and pleasure 2nd.  He swears it keeps him off the opiates so who am I to judge.


If this trend continues, buy stock in Frito Lay, the makers of Doritos!


Love to all,



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 If there was a vapor method then I may look into it.

There are vaporizers; the best one is called Volcano

It is pretty expensive but removes all the smoke. There are other methods too such as sprays and oils and edibles.

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and you give me hope that if I ever have to face what you've gone through, it can be done (NPC here, too).  I love it that the Dr.'s just don't get it....the look on her face has to be priceless.....you living proof that they only know so much, and the rest is up to a higher power.

God bless YOU....


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So umm..., are you saying that you are Abi-Normal... Cool

Thoughts & Prayers Brother...


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Sir you inspire me to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep pushing through this crazy walk we find ourselves on !  I want to thank you for your continued positive posts, and upbeat undeniable faith that radiates through your gentle words !  Many hugs sent to you and the family !  Your friend,  Katie

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Thanks for the inspiration! 

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jim and i
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God still performs miracles! I am so happy he gave one to you.

In Christ, Debbie

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You are just one of the many "proofs" that God still performs miracles.  Prayers for nothing but blessings and health for you Hondo!!



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No man is an island by himself and no man can stand alone without the help of a friend. That is what’s so good about having a place like CSN. Here we are one family when one of us hurt we all hurt and when one of us celebrates we all celebrate together. One good thing about having C is the opportunity of knowing all of you, the people who are part of H&N here on CSN. God Bless you all.

PS: Saturday I will be married for 39 years all to the same beautiful woman. She has been my girl friend, my wife, my lover, Mother of my children, companion, best friend, and caretaker through all these years.       

We are leaving tomorrow on a 4 day holiday just the two of us.

God is soooooo very good.

Tim Hondo

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On 39 years!!  Have a wonderful trip together :)

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tim, congrats on 39 yrs!!  have a wonderful holiday.


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God most certainlly is Good!  Tim i am so happy for you!  Go out and tell everyone how faith has healed us all!  It doesnt matter what you call Him as long as You  Do, i call Jesus my Saviour and my goodness does He do that everyday, Praise God for the victories He gives us!!!!Amen


ps Congratulations on 39 years another accomplishment that not all can claim!  Enjoy getaway!

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Jan Trinks
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SO glad to hear there is no evidence of disease.  Keep up the good work.  And God Bless.  And Praise the Lord!



Jan (Basketcase)

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