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Official Start date of my radiation treatments

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Finally got the call from the radiaiton oncologist today and my Official start of IMRT Radiation will begin on Sept 3. 38 treatments planned.

This is to hopefully knock out my local recurrance following DaVinci Surgery 4 years ago.


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Confidence is a big step forward for the success.  Laughing

I wish you a smooth salvage treatment with the best outcomes.

VG  Wink

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Good luck Lew.  I am sure you will be back to pulling zeros in no time.


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Lew, I do hope you have a successful and hassle free session with the radiologist!  Will be thinking of you.


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Seems like 38 is the magic number.  It got rid of the cancer in my bladder.  

PI wish you well.  I hope it works well for you.  Too bad we could not harness this and turn it into electricity.  Between all of us we could light up a city.

Keep the faith.



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Good luck and Best Wishes as you move forward!

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Wishing you well as you begin SRT in September and hoping that your tx protocol is successful in achieving complete remission. 
Coincidently, September is PCa Awareness Month (anyone may check online for related info, special events and activities this month that aim to bring more attention & awareness to the general public about this insidious cancer).
Best to you and yours,
mrs pjd
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best of wishes and prayers for a successful treatment . I underwent proton therapy for PC w 42 treatments and a positive mindset is as important as the treatment itself. Stay strong in your belief of successful outcome 


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Hey Larry,

Its been a while since I've been here too...We’ve moved to a farm in Northern California early this year to pursue other forms of "treatment" blended with my diet and exercise routine….I have my 4 month test  this Friday but my psa has been bouncing around for a while from .0 to .30 and back down to .15 to .3 on my test this past April…..So I could be joining you or my psa could continue to bounce…In any event, all the best to you in your treatment and I hope this knocks out the beast….

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Thanks all for the best wishes! Its great to hear from some of those that have been on the forum for awhile. My the past four years for me has gone fast!

Also nice to hear from so new ones and of course sorry they had to find they had to join up with us! But as us old timers know their is lots of good friendship and advice on here!

Just got a call from the Oncologist today and my first treatment has been moved to Sept 3 at 9:30 am. All other treatments will be as originally scheduled at 3:15pm. I am ready to get going on this and counting down the 38 treatments. Also met with my urologist this morning and my next PSA will be done in Feb. 2014 which will be four months post IMRT.

I hope to be joining back into the 0 club soon.



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someone who has been there, done that. All the best to you lewvino. Hope all goes as well for you as it did for me....Cheers.

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Hi Larry, 

Now that you're a few wks into SRT, thought I'd ck in to see how you're doing. I hope well. 
mrs pjd 



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Thanks for checking! Today will be treatment #9 out of 38 at 3:15. One treatment missed last week due ot a camera not working between the 'control room' and the treatment room. Of course they don't stay in the room with you while the radiation is being shot at you! So the control room has cameras to 'watch' during the treatment. That missed treatment will be made up at the end.

So far doing pretty well. I have had two minor instances of nausea. It passed both times after 1 hour. Have some minor hair loss in the pelvic region. Also had one instance of a bm that was very strange color. It was a weird greyish / white color. My energy level is good. Rode the exercise back for 26 minues yesterday.

I will see the Doctor today after my treatment and plan to ask her about the BM color (Only one time happened).

I hadn't realized that each treatment consits of having the radiation shot at the targeted area from 9 different directions so with 30 treatments to go times nine directions gives me 270 more zaps of radiation to go! Time on the 'treatment table' is about 15 minutes per session.

I was also told they will not retest my PSA until Feb. 2014. Was hoping it would be sooner than that.

Lewvino (Larry)





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LARRY---It's been a while since I've been on the site but I wish you all the success with your radiation treatments. We had very similar paths in our prostate fight except I had the radiation soon after the surgery. Hang in there---I'll be rooting for you.    DAN

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Thanks Dan, I am counting down to the finish line. I have 9 more days of treatment to go.


Hope all is well with you.


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Kenneth H
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Hi Larry,


I've been lurking here for quite a while. You deserve nothing but the best.




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Radiation is serous stuff.


I pray it works well for you.



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