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Please help. Husband (41 yrs old) scheduled for CT's, Cytoscopy...I have a bad feeling...

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3 months ago, my Husband had some pain real low near his groin, but not severe. He had frequent urination, burning while urinating. Went to a general practicioner who found blood in urine (not visible to the eye) did a CT Scan and said it was a kidney stone. A few days went by and the pain did not go away so they tested for bacteria and there was none. The doctor said "it still could be an infection"... So he put him on antiobiotics. a week later, still having frequent urination, burining while peeing. So doc put him on stronger antibiotics. They seemed to help and ease the symptoms but not completely eliminate it.. Then bam, symptoms back again!

Finally he has went to see a urologist. He tested for bacteria, and there was none. Also there was no blood in his urine when the urologist tested it. But there was blood in it 2 times previously.

Now the urologist is sending my Husband for 2 more CT Scans, a Cytoscopy, and to test his urine to see if it has cancer cells in it.


I am SO SCARED! I feel like the doctor really thinks its bladder cancer. I straight up asked him if he thought it was, and he said, "I have to rule it out"..... I have been reading a lot of information online, and I am really scared, I honestly feel like he has bladder cancer based on his symptoms and not having any sign of a bacterial infection...




What were your symptoms before you were diagnosed?





Ashley W.


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Ashley, the cystocope should detect if he has bladder cancer. There is a therapy (BCG) for bladder cancer that I understand is fairly successful.  It's a long dragged out process, but hopeful. Google it and find out more about it.

What is his PSA?  

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Hi Ashley.  I am a new member on this site and just read your post.  I'd like to know what your husband's tests results were.  I was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer last April.  Hoping to hear from you.

Jan J

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Dave Otto
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Hi Ashley.  I see your posting is old enough that you should know what's going on by now, so I hope your fears have all been allayed.  Based on my own experience, if you're going to get cancer, this is one of the better ones.  I passed blood, one time (that I am aware of), which was my only symptom.  Cystoscopy confirmed cancerous polyps on the wall of the bladder.  Subsequent cautery, and follow up has shown me to be bladder cancer free for over 10 years now.  If it's not metastasized, or gone through the wall of the bladder, minor non-invasive surgery may be all thats needed.  That was my situation at any rate.

I now have un-related kidney cancer awaiting surgery, but the BC is a done deal, for me, other than annual cystoscopy.  Hope this helps you.

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Hi Ashley and Dave Otto,

I had kidney cancer first - started with blood in my urine.  I had my right kidney removed 3 years ago and so far my remaining kidney is doing well.  I will have scans every year to keep an eye on it.

This past February, I had blood in my urine again. (lots of clots and deep red).  The cystoscopy confirmed 5 tumors which were removed.  I have to have a cystoscopy every three months for the next two years, then as long as there are no tumors, I will got to every 6 months for 3 years, then again, if there are no tumors, I will go to once a year.

I'm not sure how things turned out for your Dad Ashley, or how your Kidney surgery went for you Dave, but I became very depressed after my second diagnosis.  I was stuck in the why me phase and was constantly wondering "is this the last time I will do this"  whenever I did a seasonal task such as holiday decorating, pool opening, pool closing etc.  Thankfully I found this site and after reading other survivor's stories, I realized that I'm not alone in my feelings.  The good news is, we are all getting tested regularly, so if a reoccurance happens, it will be early and hopefully treatable.

Best of luck to you all and your families.



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I am so scared! I had UPSC (an agressive form of endometrial cancer) 3 1/2 years ago and have been NED.  For the past two years I thought I was having sciatica, that's the diagnosis I received but back in the summer, the pain from my back radiated into the right pelvic area and I thought to myself what if it's something else? Today I got up and was having the usual back pain, I went to the bathroom, thought I had to urinate and when I was finished there was bright red blood when I wiped and the toilet water was bright red from all the blood I passed.  I called my oncologist and they told me to come in right away.  Before I left I urinated again and had the same thing happen.  When I got to the oncologist's office, the nurse said this is probably a result of the radiation you had.  I said well if you had read my chart you would know that I declined radiation so that isn't what's causing the bleeding. Long story short, my gyn/oncologist found nothing in the vagina that would cause the bleeding.  I gave them a urine specimen and it looked more like a blood specimen complete with clots.  Tomorrow I'm seeing the urologist and I am very worried that this may be a new primary cancer.  I was told that ths UPSC (Uterine Papillary Serous) Cancer was very aggressive and the first place it would spread was to my lungs so I don't think this would be a metastisis.  I have had a feeling for quite some time that all is not well with me and that my doctor is missing something.  I guess I will find out tomorrow.


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