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Not cancer related.........we have a new family member.....

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Decided that I need more to do now that I'm retired (and my old horse is also retired).....so today we brought this girl home.  She's a Tennessee Walking horse....the only "ride" for old ladies....nice and smooth Laughing.  Greg named her Reba, since my other horse is named Waylon....trying to keep it country....LOL.  I guess this could mean I really am planning a future???  I've been leery about committing to anything big since treatment....so took a pretty big step on this commitment.


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I would say “a horse is big”, but I also say it is the kind of big we all need after traveling this road (or bus that it was).  I guess you might say you are actively retired.

Keep having fun,


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I love your new family member. Can you sneak her on the plane for your trip down here?



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and a whole lot of rock & roll~~you rock Phrannie!

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Beautiful horse!  Love the name, too.  You are looking great :)

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Oh P !

Love the picture !  Tennesse Walkers are gorgous !  Grab that golden ring girl....you are proving to us all that there is wonderful glorious life after C-Dx's !  Many hugs sent your direction and ride 'em girl !  Katie

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P, beautiful pic and horse!!  happy for you that u can now see a future.  keep up the gppd work.  happy trails...lol


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Little things can bring a smile to our face, and your photo this morning did just that, put a smile on my face because you are living life.

I typed P51 for a reason, as you can see by my name, I think Military allot, and the P51 was a plane used during WWII by our Troops fighting the enemy. Your a Fighter P51.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Ruben and Jude
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Congratulations on many levels! You are an amazing woman. Love the photo. Ride On Laughing


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jim and i
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Gorgeous is all I can say and happy retirement.


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That definitely is a big dog...., ummm horse, LOL...

Beautiful horse...

So this means you have to hang around for at least another 25 - 30+ years (or longer)...., can't leave Reba hanging you know.

Congrats girl, you deserve a little abi-normalness in your life.



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Wow... she's beautiful. There are a lot of folks around here that own horses. I've always thought of them as big dawgs ;) 

Best wishes with her!


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I've heard of getting an animal as theraputic but this is a LOT of animal Smile You are going to be busy now keep the stable clean and fed. Good for you, still some nice riding days ahead so get out there and GIDIYUP!!

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