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Bras for post reconstruction on one side only

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Need a bra that will support the breast that did not have cancer (also did not have a breast lift) and not hurt the reconstructed side.  I look really lopsided without a bra but my bras really are uncomfortable.  They are underwire.  I tried  the "tlc" catalog but they did not have the comfortable bra in my size (32C).  They only had 34C.  Suggestions?


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I am sure you have checked with your cancer center for advice> I had 2 lumpectomies, so no experience-but I do see misc items at Drs office that can be purchased and helped out with info..


good luck I am sure someone will give you some Helpful info.



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I had a double masectomy and reconstruction I have several sports bras that's all I wear they are comfy to me and good priced I get mine at walmart no fasteners or anything just pull over !



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I had a mastectomy on the right side and eventually had a silicone implant on t hat side. I had a breast lift/reduction on the other (non-cancer) side at the time I got the implant. My surgeon (female) suggested a sports/compression bra called a Sassyback. It is pulled on over the  head. I just looked at the label and it says it is made of 92% microfiber nylon and 8% spandex. Although I have a couple of "regular" bras, I prefer the Sassyback as it is extremely comfortable. Even with the breast reduction I am still pretty full breasted but this bra is supportive and comfortable.


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I still have the tissue expanders waiting for the final surgery... I have found that the most comfortable bra right now is the Sports Bras... And if you only had one side done, these bras will conform to you... Good luck, Kathy

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Hi. You may want to try the website breastcancer.org. Since that website only deals with breast cancer, different issues of breast cancer are made into forums.

There is one forum called Living Without Reconstruction After a Mastectomy. There are many women on there that could certainly  help you!

Also, I would look for a Mastectomy shop or boutique near you. They are shops that deal with mastectomy products and/or treatment needs (wigs, scarves, hats, LE gear, etc) AND make sure there are certified fitters there.

I have one about 30 minutes north of me that was really good.

I have soft sports bra like types that zip up the front and have pouches for prosthetics.

I am not sure when you had your surgery. You will want to wait until you are healed enough to wear one. The bras and prosthetics (fake boobs), are covered by insurance with a doctor's prescription.

I hear that Nordstrom's has a great selection as well with certified fitters.

I definitely agree that wearing underwires after surgery is probably not a good idea.

If  you find a mastectomy boutique/shop, make sure you are very specific in what you are looking for.

Ask your insurance company what places they allow you to buy mastectomy products from and if there are any internet sites available.

Did you use a mastectomy camisole for after your surgery? You could use that. Or they have nice soft pocketed camisole/tank tops that you could wear a prosthetic in the mastectomy side. 

If you are getting a mastectomy prosthetic, make sure you get a certified fitter and a prescription from your doctor to get it paid by insurance. There are many different types of prosthetics and I hope you find a place that has multiple types, so you could see them for yourself. Some are heavier, some are lighter, some are like puffs of cotton and lighter, some are more like flesh and tisssue with a nipple, some are for swimming. 

There are many options out there for us, it just takes a little looking around for it (or a little help from us Laughing).

I wish you the best of look in your search.

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If there is a mastectomy shop or a Nordstrom's type store near you, I would start there. 

Forget underwire!  I gave it up years ago because they are just tortuous to me. 


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