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The RECHARGE Low Carbohydrate Diet Trial for Metastatic Cancer

Ron Silver
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Thanks for sharing!

 particularly liked the review.

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at the bottom is their take on the data produced thusfar.  These are valuable studies, it will take a few more years for it all to shake out.



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It is always nice to have information coming from science backed studies. The problems with these trials is neither published any reports. Both seemed very low participants: 10 in each study. So, at this point it is very unknown if a very carb restricted diet is helpful.  As LTS says we just need to wait some time before more studies reveal impact of diet on cancer growth and remission.

Most interesting to me was the references to the "nutritionist" who basically don't make any accomdation to cancer patients. The very same observation I encountered during my treatment. All they can do is wave that stupid calorie chart to consume 2500 calories and drink that pure carbo sugar stuff. Other than just getting calories into your body it is just so wrong on all levels. It is just common sense that the body undergoing chemo and radiation is under sever strain and needs special and very different nutrition for optimal support to getting fully recovered. The problem is as this trial demostrates is there is just not much going on with trails studying how diet effects cancer.

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Diet, especially a healthy natural diet benefits our bodies no doubt. Avoiding processed foods and excess sugars, eating low fat, protein rich foods, fruits, vegetables, low glycemic carbs etc. is something we should all do yet we rarely follow through.

I can attest to this as I followed that type of diet religiously while into natural body building. Added to that were supplements such as whey protein, additional BCAA's and other naturally based supplements to my diet. At that time I was not only in the best physical condition of my life but my blood work was spot on concerning cholesterol and triglycerides as well as all other aspects of my health. Prior to that time I was diagnosed with heart disease. That diet and exercise regime essentially cured me. Unfortunately, my heredity eventually came back to bite me despite my diet and exercise in 2007. 

It would only stand to reason if we fed our bodies in the same manner during and after cancer that our bodies would respond in kind. I'm glad to see the medical community studying the effects of diet and cancer. There are some that attest to the healing powers of diet. There's just not enough definitive proof yet. It also stands to reason, if this were the case, that if a certain diet cured cancer or at the very least kept it at bay, then it would be the standard protocol at every CCC.

Don't get me wrong, I truly believe it's beneficial. We should (and often do not - raises my hand) take care of ourselves by following the healthiest nutritional plan we possibly can. I'm just one that likes to see it in black and white.


Ron Silver
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I know.  Can't find the results of the study!@!2!@$#@

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