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apricots seeds

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can  you grind apricots seeds to put in other foods like smoothies   not sure what other things to use them in  mother can't chew swallow very well  does any have any Ideas on anything else she can take  would be greatful for any info thank you

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When my mom couldn't quite swallow, we tried a few things.  She hated ensure, boost, and that whole line of protein drinks.  There's alot of plant based foods that also have protein.  Carrot/apple juice was always a favorite.  I also juice spinach and added that as well.


I also made greek yogurt smoothie popciles in molds.  Through my Ninja blender/mixer, mixed frozen banana, mangos, stevia for sweetness, and greek yogurt.

My dad also made porrige type foods.  We're korean so I'm sure this might not sound good but mom did really well w/ pine nut/walnut, sweet rice porrige.  Kept her belly full because of the nuts.


Frozen watermelon juice also was a favorite as it coated the hot/burning sensation from the tumor.


I love smoothies but mom didn't like smoothies for some reason.  You can blend in hemp seed for extra protein/ spinach (swear has no taste), coconut milk, berries, and greek yogurt.  My husband and I try to start off with this smoothies every morning as it's full of superfoods and keeps us feeling great.



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I am sure you can grind apricot seeds, but here are some things I used instead:  flax seeds and hemp seed.  My husband especially liked the flax seed.  They add omega-3 and fiber.  You can get them in an ordinary grocery store.  One label is Red Mill, if you local store carries it.  They will grind right up in the smoothie mixer.  

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Thanks for the info on the smoothies was wondering does anyone know what if curcumin works good  to help shrink the tumor

 we can't do standard treatment was told with age of my mother and were tumor is  they can't remove just looking for any hope to help in any way to shrink it down thank you so much

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