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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Just found this discussion board...

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It doesn't appear that this board doesn't get much 'traffic' - so, maybe this is a wast of time...But if anyone is out there - Hello....

Anyway, I read that Lesbians were at more of a risk of getting breast cancer than hetro's...I don't know if I buy into that,,,The risk factors discussed were that Lesbians' had more body fat, smoked & drank more, aren't quick to seek medical attention and didn't have children prior to age 30...Anybody interested in chimming in?  


Each Day A Blessing
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Hi andi44,

You posted on this site a while ago but you brought up an issue that I have found to be true.

There appears little interest in support groups even on-line for lesbians with cancer.  I live in a

large metro area and even at the cancer wellness center the group for Gays/Lesbians was stopped.

I was told due to lack of interest.  I almost want to start one myself but am not sure anyone would


I can not make any comment on the breast cancer risks you mentioned.  I have another type of


I wish you luck posting here and with your health!

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