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Chemo and vision problems

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I've been having a slight problem with my vision while on Taxotere and Cytoxan, but attributed it to my eyes watering.

In the last couple of hours it's gotten a lot worse and my eyes are not tearing.  I have to enlarge the print on the screen to 150% to read it.  I'm trying to set appt with onco for tomorrow.

Has anyone else had this problem?


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Horrible, besides scary side effort from Chemo ..  Please update us when possible.


Vicki Sam

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Yes Sandy, I have had visual problems.  I was swiched from Taxotere to Abraxine a sister to Taxotere, because of an allergic reaction... I only recieved about 2 min.of infusion when I experienced sever spinal pain.... And I also had Cytoxin.  I have just finished my last treatment on 7-31-13 and my vision is just starting to clear up.  Dr said it was a side effect and should clear up after Chemo.... Good Luck... Kathy

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i also had problems, my eyes were too dry, I used eye drops the opthamologist recomended. i seems your eyestear more whne dry weird.

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I am still in hospital. They are doing tests to find cause of vision probs since this did not appear until after 4th and final chemo. They are doing MRI of my head today. Would really love an answer or at least a resolution.

Will keep you updated.  Thanks for experienced and prayers.


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Thinking of you tonight.  Hope your vision is better?  Sending hugs and prayers.

New Flower
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I am very sorry that you are still in the hospital. Taxotere is known for vision problems. It is also plugs eye glands and channals.

I hope it is reversibles and will see improvement soon.

Hugs to you

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