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good news

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I am holding my own against this beast. And even better I have been released from seeing the onco . I can be watched by the PCP . I have two ultra sounds coming up to check on my thyriod and to see if my left arm is good or is it the beginnings of lyphedema if I spelled it forgive me. My right hip is giving me a fit but got told you lose the weight now body has to get use to the new weight. Got told to go home and rest and take the pains meds to calm down the nerve pain. Got told to use the parking permit i have. I am doing a happy dance would be doing cartwheels if i could. There is a big party here in tn

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wow great to hear....I too am doing the Happy Dance for you..


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Good news -- Hoping your hip pain goes away, and quick...

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure

Vicki Sam


Lynn Smith
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I still see my oncologist and it's been 4 years.I have 15 months left on tamoxifin.Haven't seen the surgeon.Don't have one now but my mammos are OK. hope your hip pain improves I know how you feel.I've had some hip pain for 2 weeks.Didn't get my DEXA done a couple months ago.It has been 5 years so I'm  due.So of course when you skip a ttest then something acts up.Ben Gay tonight for me and in a few days calling the doctor.Feels like a sprain.I had problems getting out of our old car while mine was being worked on for over a month.Get the car back then someting else came up.So tonight will help me make my decision whether to see the doctor and I'm now getting the DEXA. I just dread X rays. Told my doctor because of the radiation but the DEXA has little radiation I was told.It just seems I've had more X rays since my dx than I've had all my life.Always something.

Lynn Smith


Lynn Smith   

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I can't do cart wheels - but I am doing a happy dance for you...one step at a time...as others have said - stay strong and have hope, faith & love

Andi :)

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Partying with you in Florida!!!! Happy Dance, You go girl...

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