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Stage IV Stomach Cancer

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My dad was just diagnosed with stomach cancer stage 4 that has metasized to his peritoneal layers, both sides of his diagphram and his pelvic bone. He has not started a chemotherapy treatment yet but other than losing weight he is in pretty good health and is willing to fight till the end. Any good advice on specific chemotherapies or alternative treatment or treatments in conjunction with chemo will be greatly appreciated. Whatever I do Im not gonna stop fighting as long as he wants to keep fighting. He has humungus family support which im sure matters in these cases. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Nicole,

Sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis. I have been diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer now since February of 2012 so I am going on 17 months. All I can say is that it's all God. I am doing very well, tumors are stable and not spreading, I am maintaining my weight, etc.

FYI I am being treated at City of Hope. They have me on a trial of Folfox6 and Averolimus. (folfox is 5fu, oxaliplatin, leukovorin, decadron)

I will be alive as long as God wants me to be, I look at every day that I get to spend with my wife and 17month old daughter as a gift, I don't take anything for granted.

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btw my wife has a blog about our struggles with this disease at http:\\watersfamilyforum.blogspot.com. She's a great writer and very encouraging, I'm just sayin' :)

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Hi, Nicole,

Sorry to hear about the cancer problem your dad has!

My husband was otherwise healthy at DX last Dec: no mets found. He started chemo on stage 4 stomach cancer right away at local hospital, and had Folfox for 8 rounds. Everything was not too bad besides some side effects from Oxaliplatin. Then PET scan showed bone mets which was newly found. We went to MD Anderson for a second opinion but things were a little out of control already. He has lots of pains now but he's still fighting hard. Looking back, had we known more about the cancer, we might have got a second opinion sooner. There are people under EOX chemo regimen which may work better against bone mets.

Praying for you and your dad! Hopefully he can find the best treatments and beat the cancer!


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