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I have had some good news today!

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I posted recently about my going in for an op to remove my lower bowel and repair my bladder. A little while ago it was discovered that I had a bowel infection, it had caused a perforation via a fistula into the bladder. I had been placed on antibiotics to clear the infection prior to surgery, but they caused issues, so I had been taking supplements instead.

Had a pre op appointment with my surgeon this morning, to go over my recent test results. Amazingly! they showed no sign of infection and the fistula, although still there, has healed at both sites. He was more than surprised, as was I, he hadn't seen this happen before.

Anyway! He has cancelled the surgery, Yeah!... He felt that there is no need at this time!! I couldn't believe it, I was so relieved I jumped up, gave him a big hug and two kisses on each cheek...he was a little embarrassed but took it well! lol!

So surgery is off !! And I am more than happy about that :-) One major surgery a year is enough to be going on with.



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Bowel surgery isn't fun...so happy for this news you received!

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and condolences to your husband who was sooo looking forward to handling the cooking again Wink

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Djinnie, you have to tell us what supplements you took that may have helped you dodge the need for surgery!

I am alive
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All  those prayers and good wishes sent into the ether by your friends here on CSN had some impact afterall!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!

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Woo Hoo.......you gooooooooo girl!!!!  Delighted to hear that news.....so happy for you Djinnie xxxxxxxxx

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Congratulations Djinnie!

Anytime we can avoid the knife is a good day!  Way to go!

I Love your engergy and enthusiasm Eims!

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That is wonderful news Djinnie. Last night, as I was reading yesterday's  posts, I saw one from you and thought about your upcoming surgery and made a silent wish it would be a success. Then I check in on CSN today to see the operation is not necessary.  Great - terrific - wonderful!!! John and I are both thrilled. Do tell us about your supplements.


P.S. Now I can stop worrying about you and refocus on your adorable dog! What breed - cairn terrier?

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Thank you all so much!  you are such a great bunch of people! I am very grateful for your supportive comments.I had been gearing up for this op for several weeks, so it has taken most of the day to get used to the idea that it's over with, thankfully!

I will happily list the supplements, it is quite a list though. I was initially given antibiotics, I suffered a reaction so it was changed to flagyl via transfusion. It had to be withdrawn after three days because of a severe allergy, causing breathing problems. So I did start on antibiotics, but following my discharge from hospital a urine test showed an infection, so the fistula was still open.

I was already taking :-  Tumeric & Boswellia and Olive Leaf Extract. I added :- Ginger and Garlic, DGL Licorice + Probiotics, Slippery Elm, Ground Flax. I drank teas:- Pau D'Arco, Chamomile, Nettle. I also had a supplement from my herbalist which has several herbs in it, including Marshmallow, Golden Seal and Wild Yam. It was quite a list but I couldn't go the conventional route.

I also changed my diet, I cut out anything that would cause inflamation. No pips, seeds, nuts or skins etc. Anyway! That's it I think.

Alice, thank you! My dog is a Yorshire Terrier, very much like the Cairn but more hyper. We had a Cairn prior to this one, named Smudge, he was so calm and easy going. This one is a complete fruitcake, he is always up to something, we love him though.

Thanks again to all of you:)

Djinnie x


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That is really good news!

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Love it! Spread the Karma!!!

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When prayers go up, blessings come down...and what a blessing this is!!  So happy for you!


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Thank you Baaa-bs, Fox and Twinthings, for your comments :) today I have felt like a weight has lifted.

Djinnie x


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