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fatigue from chemo?

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Hi All, I haven't been on here in quite a while, in fact I had trouble finding the site. It isn't because the subject has left my mind..always there. Had my daughters graduation, and a few other things that kept me busy all summer. I had my year after colonoscopy and Dr. said it was clear as a bell, had my year after scan 2 weeks ago, cancelled appoint with doc to get results, rescheduled for tomorrow...and it always pisses me off. I don't want to go! Besides that I wanted to ask if anyone has trouble with fatigue 8 months after last chemo treatment? Did anyone feel as if they came down with fibermialgia? The neurapathy in my hands is better but my feet are terrible. Maybe it's because I'm out of the loop, don't get out much. Did anyone finish chemo just feeling as if you just can't move the same?? Thanks, Kathy


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The fatigue does go away!  The more you exercise the faster it will go away.   My hand neuropathy diminished a lot over 18 months. Now three years later I still have a small loss of feeling in my little fingers.  My foot neurpathy regressed also, but I still do not feel my little toes, and my balance is not near what it used to be.


Best Always,  mike

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I agree with Mike on all his points.  I was only on Oxaliplatin for ten cycles because it didn't work for me .  My liver tumors went from 3-4 active to too numerous to count. Erbitux has been the one we have had the most success with.  After the Ox(platinum) the cold intolerance went away quickly, the feeling in my finger tips returned after a ew months, but the numbness on the soles of my feet seemed to get worse and worse until one of my favorite infusion nurses told me about B Complex vitamins and B50 . Sure has helped a lot.   As for the fatigue, exercise like Mike said.

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It's been over two years since I finished chemo, and I still get fatigued more easily that I used to.  Some of that is probably due to chronic joint/muscle pain, which makes it harder to stay physically active.  I do think it helps to at least do some walking, though, if at all possible.  Does the neuropathy in your feet make that difficult (I'm guessing yes)?  Maybe you could try something like swimming, if an indoor pool is in your area?  I'm trying to figure out what I can do that doesn't put so much pressure on the joints.  I hate chlorine, which is unfortunate, but for many people, swimming is a great option.

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