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ca125 question

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Have you felt different physically when you have a high ca125 vs a moderate or low score?  





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Of course, it depends on what's causing the rise, and maybe you might feel something relative to that.  Example:  Infections can cause the CA125 to rise, so if you feel a little run-down I suppose you could say you 'feel different'.  But overall, I would say no.



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I've only had a high CA 125 (over 2,800) once when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  At that point, I was very, very bloated with on-and-off again pelvic pain.  Since then, I've been fortunate to feel good with no recurrences and a CA 125 never higher than 7. 

Best wishes to you!


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I was diagnosed at Stage 3C 6 years ago this month. At the time I didn't think I felt bad but after my surgery, major infection, two weeks in the hospital and first round of chemo - well I felt a LOT better than before!  My CA125 was over 800 before surgery but I think it happened so gradually I did not realize I felt bad.

Since then I have had two reoccurences.  I am currently being retreated for my second.  Since surgery and first line chemo treatment my lowest tumor marker was 12 and my highest was about 196 which was early this year.

Not sure what your definition of "high" or "moderate" or "low" is.  I am currently floating around 100 and feel really good.  I have figured out that for me it seems anything much over 130 or 140 I will start to feel bad.  

I think everyone is different and I try really hard not to focus on the number but how I feel.  Based on my own situation, if I can continue on my current treatment (monthly Doxil), stay around 100 (lower would be great of course!) and continue to feel pretty good - well I am good with that for as long as it will last.  

Not sure what your situation is or if I answered your question.  But - try not to obsess over that little pesky number each time - but on how you feel and the trends of you number over time.  For most of us this is a marathon not a sprint.  

Good luck - and keep checking in.  It is a great site!  There is a wealth of information on here and it just really helps to read about and connect with other ladies that our in the same boat we are!



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